Exam Desk To Hire

At schools all over the country preparations are taking place for the summer exams that are fast approaching. It is not only pupils themselves that need to ensure that they are ready when the day of the first exam arrives, but also staff, who have the responsibility of provide the best environment possible for those taking the exams. If you want to take the stress out of the run up to this hectic period in your school's calendar, you should enlist the help of Online Furniture Hire. We are a company with huge experience in the furniture rental market and highly recommend hiring your exam furniture as the most affordable and practical way to equip your exam hall. Your main priority is the welfare of your students and by providing them with the best surroundings for this important time you will be giving them the opportunity to work to their full potential. There have been many studies that show a definite link between environmental quality and educational performance so don't make the mistake of underestimating the importance of this at your school. To perform well your students need a practical, comfortable desk at which they can work, often for long lengths of time. At Online Furniture Hire we have the perfect item, as our superb beech effect exam desk to hire is not only modern and attractive, but is also extremely practical to use. It is durable and so will easily be able to withstand frequent use, and has been manufactured with an easy clean 15mm thick laminate top. Furthermore, the top is slanted which makes it really comfortable to use during long exams and has a useful pen groove to ensure that pens don't end up on the floor! Our exam desk is ideal if space is of a premium as it is foldable and can be quickly stored away when not in use. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that this fantastic desk can be yours for only £7.50 per week, so without incurring huge expense you can equip your exam hall with the perfect furniture to help your students succeed. We do not only supply exam desks however, so if you find that your chairs no longer meet the high standards that you require, then take a look at our great range of stylish, comfortable seating to hire, suitable for all educational establishments. Give us a ring today on 0844 567 5082 and talk to our experienced sales team who will help you select the perfect items for your needs.