Banquet Chair With Cover - White

  • Very chic looking chair with white cover
  • Customise with bows for added elegance
  • Seat pads ensure chairs are comfortable
  • Perfectly complements our dining tables

For sophisticated seating that brings ultimate style to your event, our banquet chair with white cover is very chic. Add further accessories, like bows, to bring a really luxurious look to venues, complementing any formal dining, award, gala and wedding event.

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Seat back in time

Even the earliest chair makers quickly came to realise the benefit of constructing seats with seat backs. By the seventh century BC historic artefacts show that chairs for important figures had backs and they developed over hundreds and hundreds of years, becoming upholstered and made from all kinds of materials, with silk, velvet and leather being added from the 17th Century onwards.

Chair flairs!

Way back in time, seats weren’t for the average man or woman, in fact they were often associated with rulers and became symbolic of the powers-that-be. Designs have fluctuated depending on the resources available and the fashions of the moment. Evidence shows that in the 6th Century the chair of a Roman emperor Maximian was depicted with a high back. This particular historic piece was made of marble and is typical of its time, in that it was destined for those powerful rulers.

Fluctuating chair fashions

This all began to change from the 14th Century onwards, when people who could afford seats could purchase them. Then in the 1900s when mass production really stepped up a gear, chairs became exceptionally affordable to buy in large quantities cutting business costs. With an influx of newer and robust materials, such as new metal alloys and plastic, chairs no longer need to be made of marble, although wood has been popular for thousands of years and continues to be favoured in businesses and homes across the world.

Not marble - but more comfortable!

Our banquet chair may not resemble the marble model preserved for a Roman emperor, but it does have a high back! This feature isn’t always included in chair design, especially in more recent times, when designers have experimented with form and shape. But in 1900 Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh - who was a prime leader in the Art Nouveau movement - designed his high-back chair. This was made to order for tea rooms located in Glasgow, but there are elements of this model that can be seen in our very own 21st Century banquet chair. The elegant lines, seat upholstery and high-back can all be glimpsed in our range of banqueting seating, showing that there are certain features that prove timeless.

Traditional - and contemporary...

We think it’s crucial that seating not only looks amazing, but is comfortable too. All of our products from this range feature seat pads, so whether you’re arranging a corporate ball, an awards ceremony or a wedding - guests will be very comfy and can sit back and enjoy your occasion. The high-back and curved legs of our model results in a traditional appearance that brings ultimate decadence to your occasions, with the curves offering a contemporary feel too.

Bespoke seating design

Another essential component to event seating, is that its versatile - simply because every event it unique in its own right! You get a choice of white or black chair covers, with this product line bringing light and style to all kinds of events. Also we have a range of bows in different colours so you’re free to accessorise them to fit perfectly with the colour theme of your occasion.

Design your entire event with us

We also have a vast stock of other event furniture that really brings some extra glamour to your function. For example, our ropes and poles are a glitzy way to create VIP areas. When you’re organising an event from scratch and you want to serve drinks, then we have mobile bars, as well as lots of different kinds of seating for refreshment areas, from ultra-modern corbusier sofas to high gloss black coffee tables.


Are there any other colours available?

Yes. You can order either our black or white chair covers to go with our banquet seating.

Do I need to put the chair covers on?

It’s up to you! We deliver seating without covers and you’re free to dress them yourself or simply request our installation service when you place your order and we’ll do this for you.

Are these chairs padded?

Yes. Each seat has it’s own pad so you’re getting both an elegant and comfortable product.

What other kinds of event furniture can I order?

We have a large range of items that we can deliver and set up for you if requested, from tables, to barriers, red carpets, as well as linen for tables, such as tablecloths and runners.

I need banquet chairs for an event tomorrow - can you help?

Yes we can! We offer a same- and next day delivery service to London, with our transport network stretching throughout the UK. Just get in contact and we’ll get your items ordered as soon as possible.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 870 mm
Width 410 mm
Depth 370 mm
Seat Depth 405 mm

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