Portland Leather Cantilever Chair

  • Smooth leather finish is very classy
  • Cushioning boosts comfort features
  • Feet are adjustable to your preference
  • Armrests add to the frame’s robustness

The leather finish of this luxury chair is incredibly stylish and makes great impressions on guests, visitors and delegates. The armrests boost comfort, while the lumbar support creates a fantastic seating experience. Complemented by the sturdy black frame, this is a product perfect for receptions, boardroom meetings, conferences and many more events and locations.

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Past opulence Bought Up-to-Date!

Our smart and stylish cantilever chair is a very modern product, having only come into widespread use in the 1920s. This is partly down to its innovative cantilever design, which when launched, quickly became popular, thanks to the stability it offered and the fact the unique frame can result in a lighter product, making it easier to transport and lift.

Marble or soft leather - what would you prefer...

It’s easy to assume that before the introduction of complex machinery, ingenious tools and materials like metals, that chair design was a bit limited. But, looking at ancient populations, such as those in Egypt, Rome and China, many ornamental and impressive seats were created. Materials such as ivory, ebony and marble were integrated into designs producing opulent seating. A reason chair design was so sumptuous could be because seating was reserved for ruling powers, who may have required impressive creations.

An enduring appeal

Although many different finishes were applied to chairs at this time, and in later years too, the basic design of seating was likely to stay the same - several legs, a seat and seat back are all the essential components to these products even to this day! Over time, inventors moved from using timber to experimenting with many different materials like plastic and metal.

Cantilever fever

Experts highlight how one of the earliest cantilever chairs was invented in the 1920s. Called the Wassily Chair, this product had a leather seat and a steel frame. It’s reported that creator Marcel Breuer aimed to design a chair that had a single base - just like our modern Portland cantilever chair. Following the launch of the Wassily, the 1920s saw an influx of other cantilevered seating, showing how it’s style and functionality was appreciated by businesses and private customers alike.

Lighter executive seating

The popularity of our cantilever chair hire range can be explained in a variety of ways. A very smart looking option, this product is a fantastic choice when you need seating for those very professional locations, such as corporate receptions, waiting rooms, board rooms and meeting areas. The black leather and frame work together resulting in a very classy appearance, while the frame makes for a lighter executive style chair, meaning they are simple to install. Cantilevered bases are very stable, while the armrests add to this even more. Additionally we also have a range of fully adaptable office seating, such as our luxury ergonomic chairs and our operators chairs too.

The professional Portland

Making reception areas, meeting, waiting and boardrooms look professional is easy when you choose our Portland cantilevered chair. As with all seating, it’s important to make sure that those sitting in the chairs are comfy, and you definitely get this where this product is concerned. The black leather is soft to touch, while the cushioning on the seat and seat back is supportive. Curved to support the lumbar region, this item supports the back so whether you choose it for meetings, training, events or in waiting rooms or receptions it’s a comfy and stylish option! Don't forget we also have a great range of smart looking tables for receptions, exhibitions, conferences and more!

My conference requires thousands of chairs - do you have enough in stock?

Yes. We have spacious warehouses located in cities across the UK, so you can order high quantities of our leather cantilever chairs, as well as any other item from our range!

I’d like to order these for my waiting room, what other products would complement it?

Add to the professional look of your waiting rooms by combining our cantilever chair with a range of other products, including our modular tables, high gloss coffee tables and coat stand.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 970 mm
Width 620 mm
Depth 670 mm
Seat Depth 480 mm