Black Pinboard 1200w x 1800h - END OF LINE

  • Black fabric
  • Stabilising feet adds security
  • Configures very easily and quickly

Nothing says professional and classy like a black finish - like the one on our premium freestanding black pinboard screen. A great choice for any business or event space where looking smart is key. Our screens are fantastic room dividers, allowing you to create private exhibition spaces, cubicles and much more, affordably and quickly.

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Build Your Perfect Venue Or Office With Freestanding Pinboard Screens

When you’re setting up exhibitions stands within a collection of our smart black pinboard screens, conducting meetings or simply working as usual in cubicles, history indicates that it’s the Japanese you have to thank for the professional look to your premises and the feeling or privacy!

When did screens first become mobile?

Although some of the first screens were used in China many years ago in the 7th Century, it was about a 100 years later when they started to take off in Japan. The early versions from China were exceptionally ornate and more likely used as room dividers. But it was the Japanese who turned them from a bit of a fixture into a more mobile, lighter product that could be used in lots of different locations - which isn’t too far from the great versatility offered by our black freestanding screen range!

We love freestanding screens too!

Because they were so useful helping to utilise space in all kinds of rooms and venues, popularity for screens spread across the globe. We also began producing them here, and inspired by the decorative types available in the East ours were equally adorned with mirrors, leather and silk.

Sleek screens

Many of today’s designers still make these kinds of opulent screens, our freestanding black screen is smart, sleek and perfect for professional and corporate environments. As the trend for large, airy venues increases, we find there is even more demand for our freestanding screen hire in London service. Venues that offer large spaces in an unbranded environment make great locations for big exhibitions, conferences, AGMs, product launches, expos and conventions.

Make the most of blank canvases

Blank canvases mean that companies can really make the venue their own, putting up their own branding and applying themes to the location that match those of the event or company concerned. Having a large unbranded space can seem a little daunting - but this is when our black freestanding screens come in really useful. When you want to create cubicles/exhibition spaces/networking centres or refreshment zones within large spaces, our freestanding screens allow you to do this.

Professional offices

As they are 1800mm high and made from fabric, our screens also offer privacy and help to absorb noise - excellent when you need them for clinics or other premises where confidentiality is very important. The noise reducing qualities of our freestanding screen hire range also means they’re a top choice for use in offices, as they can cut noise and allow colleagues to concentrate.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 1800 mm
Width 1200 mm
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