Wooden Bookcase 2 Tier

  • Light oak modern finish
  • Sturdy bookcase 900mm high
  • One central shelf for storage
  • Premium melamine material

Premium quality storage is affordable when you choose our two-tier bookcases. They offer a great amount of space so you can add personality to your venue, or simply use these products for traditional items, like books, files and documents.

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Simple shelving With Our 2 Tier Bookcases

We’re all so familiar with bookcases that we may even forget that there was a time when they didn’t exist! They are such a common feature in many locations, from our homes, offices, hotels and many more types of premises, and have been for a very long time.

At work and home

Most bookcases in our domestic and work surroundings still feature a basic design that has served it so well for thousands of years. But some of the first products of its kinds were actually quite intricate - even more so than the ones occupying our lounges and workspaces today.

Many people believe that the one of the first bookcases was invented way back in Rome during the era of philosopher Seneca, who lived from 4BC to AD 65. At the time, householders began installing their own libraries, which were decorated with ivory and mostly contained scrolls, although experts highlight how these were more ornamental than practical, because lots of people who integrated libraries into their homes lacked strong reading skills at this time.

Turning the text

Across the other side of the world in China, bookcases were also being developed, also for holding important texts, and in 544, the world’s first product of this kind that could revolve was believed to be invented. Like with many kinds of furniture in the past, many people found they could not afford to purchase items that were only beginning to become more popular. In the case of bookcases, there was not a great need for these until printing presses took over the painstaking task of writing tomes by hand.

Book boom

Until this time, there were fewer books in circulation and they were often stored in cupboards with household items - and were more than likely laid flat. But, after the launch of the printing press in the 15th Century, books became more affordable and easier to get hold off. Because the spines could be printed too, they started to become stored horizontal, and as cupboards filled up with them, it became increasingly common to take off the doors, so homeowners could access books quicker.

More compact - yet still spacious!

Our two-tier bookcase is just the item you need when you’re looking for a smaller bookcase for texts and other items too! This is just one great benefit linked with this product - they’re versatile. Supplying you with storage space for smaller and larger texts, they’re a fantastic addition to offices, libraries, study areas, and any location where you want to reference texts. What’s more, this product can also be used as a tool to brighten and add warmth to rooms, simply place photos, artwork, plants and other room decoration on the shelves to instantly personalise venues.

Thanks to the melamine material used to manufacture our two-tier bookcases and the light oak finish, they are modern, sturdy and bring a smart contemporary vibe to any location. We also have 4 tier bookcases available too, and matching mobile pedestals so you can matching office storage really simply.

How would these help add personality to my premises?

Our bookcases are a great way to add character, some carefully places plants, photos and keepsakes can add more warmth to rooms, great when you want to create a relaxed vibe.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 900 mm
Width 800 mm
Depth 300 mm
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