One Of Our Most Versatile Stools!

It might be surprising to know because of the contemporary design of our aluminium stools, but whenever someone sits on a stool, they’re actually relaxing on a product that has its roots in the very distant past.

Enduring popularity

In fact, these kinds of seats are so old nobody can be sure when they were first used. Some experts believe they came into use around 657 BC in ancient Greece and were slowly adopted across the world.

Initially appears it was only those people with some kind of status that got to seat down on stools and chairs. They were generally reserved for those high up in the military or those in ruling or royal families. For many years, stools were formed from wood and had three legs - and this basic style is still reproduced today.

Back to basics

As chairs began to have backs and upholstery started to become more popular halfway through the 1600s, then stools became much more defined from other kinds of seating. This continues to this day, with stools often being higher, although - like our aluminium bar stools - they have taken on some comfort features from chairs, such as armrests.

Stools are a very convenient product to have on many different kinds of premises, even domestic settings where they make attractive and practical seating around breakfast bars! In business locations, they are very versatile and can be quickly taken from storage and arranged when you need extra seating in a rush.

A popular finish

A very popular stool design, and one still ordered in schools and libraries for example, to this day is the stacking stool, created by Alvar Aalto in 1932. Differing in style to our aluminium range, this product by the Finnish designer shares some common elements.

Set close to the ground, the older model was manufactured to be convenient and to look good too! The Finnish creator made the product to be straightforward to install and used wood for his materials.
Our aluminium bar stools are also very practical. The metal finish is weather resistant, which boosts it’s versatility and ensures that you can use it outside without worrying about the weather.

Aluminium - go lighter

This is a really important feature of outdoor seating, which is why we offer an entire range with this rust-free exterior, including our chrome poseur tables - simply set them outside and just wipe dry following rainy spells. Because these products and others from this range are formed from aluminium, they are surprisingly light to move. The metal results in a very robust item, but when you need to take furniture from storage, or you’re installing venues with our chrome hire furniture, you can do so effortlessly. The finish is not only simple to manoeuvre, it’s also very stylish looking. We also have poseur tables available in white too, if you wanted a very contemporary and fresh ambiance.

Making an impression

When the 1932 model hit the market it created an impact with its sleek lines made from wood, which was very modern-looking at the time. Our stool makes a similar impression because of its 21st Century design. The curves and chrome finish look incredibly modern and really bring a sense of style to locations.

As versatile as ever

Thanks to the contemporary look of our aluminium stool, it’s a fantastic choice across many different occasions. They are popular for networking events, and when hired with our chrome poseur tables, they provide a steady and stylish surface for working on or for meetings. They are also wonderfully designed for chic bar, cafe, reception and hotel eating areas, and some companies like to use them for their indoor break areas to provide a contemporary looking location for relaxation.


Stacking Aluminium Bar Stool


Dimensions:  W440 x D560 x H970mm

Chrome finish is very modern and chic looking

Weatherproof product perfect for outdoor use

Armrests and footrests boosts comfort levels

Light and easy to move around locations


Our very contemporary aluminium bar stool is incredibly versatile and a fantastic choice for stylish locations and events. The weatherproof finish allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors and the comfort features, like armrests and footrests, blend seamlessly into the 21st Century design.

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