Metal Filing Cabinet 2 Drawer

  • Two spacious drawers for office files
  • Lockable for all your confidential data
  • Each drawer takes 40kg worth of files
  • Anti-tilt lock for added safety and stability

Smart and chic, our two-drawer filing cabinets are perfect for any size office. The drawers fully extend so you can easily reach all your important files and this range is fully lockable so you’re able to keep them safe also. This is a very stylish looking item, that also includes an anti-tilt locking mechanism.

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How Filing Cabinets Can Save You Time

It might be difficult to imagine, but before the 1800s there was no such thing as filing cabinets in offices. The whole process of hunting down a file, making some kind of note in it and returning it to the same location took much, much more time than today.

Paperwork is still popular...

Many organisations favour a digital storage system in today’s workplace, instead of pulling up paper files, workers may simply navigate to a folder and look at an online version. Although this has become a very popular way of storing information, hard copy files and documents are still essential to many offices around the globe, and when you have paperwork like this, then you also need storage.

Spaceage storage

Before filing cabinets were invented, storage took up a great deal of space, and it was time consuming to find documents too. This is because many offices filed papers horizontally on shelves lining walls or in pigeon holes. It’s easy to see how documents could get lost, or how difficult it was to make sure confidential information was kept private. In fact, special safes were often purchased to store sensitive data, but these could prove costly and many weren’t as large as today’s filing cabinets, meaning they had a limited storage capacity.

Ground-breaking design

Office life changed for good when the filing cabinet as we know it today hit the market. The first type was invented in 1898 by US designer Edwin G Seibels and allowed workers to place files in drawers vertically. The thinking behind this, was that storing them in this way would save space, and as they were kept close together, then workers wouldn’t need to be moving between pigeon holes to locate the files they need - they simply pull out the drawer and retrieve the correct documents.

Why are our filing cabinets so necessary for your office?

The time saved and the convenience of this quickly made an impact on offices across the world, which saw many of them being installed. Following WWII when there were more materials made available for office furniture, then metal filing cabinets were designed - a very versatile and strong material.

Health and safety features included!

Our filing cabinets feature all the strength and robustness you require from these handy office storage systems. They are sturdy, and designed to be very safe - a very important benefit for health and safety. When you open the upper draw, then the lower one automatically locks so it always stays extra stable! They not only lock for your safety, but they also feature locks so you can keep all your sensitive data confidential.

We also have filing cabinets with 4 drawers available too, if you'd like more room to store documents. These benefits, along with the modern light grey finish and matching furniture hire products - like our double door cupboards - mean that you office storage is safe, attractive and also very affordable.

I’m not sure what size filing cabinets I need - can you advise?

We have CAD experts on hand to help you design your office space or event, and as a general rule you can put up to 40kg of files in each drawer.

We need space for lots of files, are these cabinets safe to use?

Very. They all feature an anti-tilt locking mechanism, which means that when you open a drawer, all the lower ones automatically lock preventing them from potentially sliding out and destabilising the cabinet.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 710 mm
Width 460 mm
Depth 620 mm
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