Metal Filing Cabinet 4 Drawer

  • 4 drawers offer lots of space
  • Lockable for private information
  • Can store 40kg in each drawer
  • Very stable due to anti-tilt lock

Our larger, very roomy filing cabinet features four drawers capable of holding 40kg worth of files. With an anti-tilt mechanism it’s safe, and you can keep all stored data completely confidential thanks to the locking mechanism.

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Safe And Stable Storage For Your Files

Fetching files prior to the 1800s took a lot more work than today! Instead of opening a nearby drawer or calling up digital files on a desktop, office administrators would have to search through rows and columns of pigeon holes in order to find the documents they needed. This is because at this time filing cabinets had yet to be invented, and instead of papers being stored in large, spacious pieces of furniture, they were laid horizontally in pigeon holes.

Wooden you know...

However this was all set to change when the first filing cabinet as we know them today was created by American Edwin G Seibels in 1898. Made from wood, these attractive storage systems fit perfectly into workplaces, that likely had office furniture made from similar materials. It wasn’t until after WWII that filing cabinets started to increasingly be made from metal, and over time they have evolved to include both safety and security features.

In the past, workers would usually open cabinets in a particular way to keep them steady, always making sure the bottom drawer was open to prevent them from becoming top heavy. There could sometimes be a domino effect, in that once an upper drawer was open, the cabinet would move forward slightly, with other other drawers opening, and the product becoming unstable.

Keeping it confidential

This is absolutely no concern when you order our exceptionally innovative filing cabinets. Both our two and four-drawer product lines have an anti-tilt lock mechanism. This means that when you open an upper drawer, those beneath automatically lock, keeping the item’s centre of gravity stable. As well as locking to ensure ultimate stability, our filing cabinets lock, so you can keep all your private and confidential folders secure. This is a great benefit for those offices that deal with lots of sensitive information, such as clinics and doctor’s surgeries, as well as schools and colleges.

Weighty issue

In addition to all the benefits coming with a 21st Century design, our 4-drawer filing cabinets offer all the functionality of those early models and more. You can place your files vertically with ease, but our drawers also have 100 per cent extension, making it easier than ever to store and locate documents. Also, each drawer has a staggering 40kg capacity for files, so even large files are straightforward to file. This is true whether you opt for our 2 or 4 drawer filing cabinet hire model.

21st Century brand

What’s more, the design of our filing cabinets stays true to our entire furniture hire London brand, and is very innovative and modern looking, thanks to the grey metal finish. This perfectly complements other products from our range - like our double door cupboards and light oak desks - meaning you can create a workspace that is both contemporary and highly functional.

Do all the drawers lock?

Yes. This allows you to keep all your files and folders safe.

Will these blend in with my office?

These are perfect for contemporary spaces, especially when you’ve ordered products from our furniture hire range. Our desks, tables and storage facilities feature either a light oak finish, or the grey metal, which perfectly complement each other.


Measurement Value Unit
Height 1320 mm
Width 460 mm
Depth 620 mm