Open Plan Your Office!



Open Plan Your Office!

Linsey S

Open Plan Your Office!

Post by: Linsey S07/10/2015

Many workers across the UK spend their days in open plan offices, and thanks to our wide range of products you can get really comfy and productive workspaces.

Make Space For Space...

When customers are ordering items for their offices, desks and seating feature highly. But there are many more items that can transform business premises that have an open plan design. In the 1960s cubicles became very popular in companies, as they were a way to create privacy within large and spacious offices. Their popularity really took hold over the years but gradually gave way to the open plan design many of us are familiar with.

Getting Out Of The Communication Cubby Hole

A recent news story has highlighted how we can use furniture to make the most of these more collaborative workstations and locations, and here are some items on our range so you can go beyond desk, chair and table hire to create spaces that not only boost communication, but morale, comfort and productivity!

1. Beyond the four walls

Although companies may steer away from creating cubicles for workers in modern offices, at the time they were introduced they helped solve a few issues. Instead of renting potentially pricey buildings full of individual offices, managers could instead transform empty spaces into cubicles using screens. This gave workers privacy and help reduce noise. 

There are drawbacks to this kind of setup, with colleagues having to work harder to communicate with team members and integrate into office life. Removing physical barriers like cubicle walls can promote more collaborative working. As well as designing offices without cubicles, an effective way to achieve this is to create more areas for interactions, these could include break areas - featuring our bistro tables and chairs for example - meeting areas with comfy tub sofas, and lounges.

2. Make an arrangement

Placement of your furniture takes some thought, especially when you’re installing items for open plan use. Our desk range has been manufactured to be very convenient to use. Whether you opt for our white or light oak range, you’ll find they come in different sizes to suit your venue, and they also fold. As they can be folded up/down in seconds, then you’re able to set them up with ease, allowing you to swiftly and simply arrange them via teams. This ensures workers are free to chat and catch up with colleagues working on similar projects and tasks.

3. Get down with downtime!

Good productivity can depend on many different factors, such as ergonomic seating and effective workspace design, such as having storage close to hand and available. Productivity is also affected by the concentration levels of colleagues. Making sure that there is a place to unwind away from desks gives workers a proper break, leaving them refreshed and ready to tackle workplace tasks with new energy. We have exceptionally comfy and iconic Corbusier sofas for hire in black/white, as well as walnut coffee tables to complete this look.

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