Posted By: Sarah H    Date: 23/02/16

Buying furniture for the modern day office or to cater for corporate events can take a huge slice out of your capital expenditure for the year. From the moment the protective wrapping comes off and the furniture officially becomes yours, it starts to depreciate in value. The good news is that there is a very affordable and flexible alternative in the form of furniture hire.

Perhaps you have considered furniture hire or used these services in the past, and have been put off by high prices, unreliable delivery or low quality furniture. Maybe you are unsure whether the right items will be available if you need them at short notice. Here at Online Furniture Hire, we have the perfect solution with our convenient, premium quality and extensive range of furniture hire options.

Furniture Rental That Gets You Noticed - ...

Posted By: Sarah H    Date: 15/01/16

If you want to achieve a look that is timeless, chic and versatile, why not take some cues from the world of fashion? Monochrome styling may lend itself to the Sixties in many ways, but it is a look that never goes out of style. Whether you are planning a monochrome wedding or looking to achieve the monochrome effect for your event or in your bar, we have some design and furniture tips that will ensure you get the look just right.

Style In Black And White

A room that is themed in black and white has such an impact, and the great thing is that you can add a third colour accent without spoiling the look. Black and white lend themselves perfectly to each other and are also a great blank canvas to neon or other monochrome shades such as grey.

So, let’s say you are starting off with a predominately white room. Black is a great starting point here when it comes to choosing furnishings and will allow you to build on your look as


Posted By: Natasha S    Date: 07/01/16

Small businesses, your to-do list is truly worthy of receiving the business-equivalent of an Oscar. We know that it involves being the ultimate hat-wearer. You’ve got to juggle meetings, increasing workloads, admin and accounts, all simultaneously, it seems.

How to keep costs low

So when it comes to hiring premises, the number priority is often, how to keep costs low and save time, while kitting out a new office space with furniture that is going to stand the test of time that can be simply sold or given back if it becomes no longer necessary?

It’s natural that businesses may not want to commit to keeping office furniture, forever, that they may no longer use or have no need for. But equally, small businesses will often want it for longer than a week but less than a year, to make sure they can satisfy all their business objectives.

Don’t cripple the bank account or stress the load by worrying where tha


Posted By: Sarah H    Date: 29/12/15

The 1st January signals the start of a new year, new beginnings and making plans for the year ahead. If you plan to make improvements to your lifestyle, business or any aspect of your life in 2016, we’ve put together some of the most beneficial resolutions you can make. Oh, and we’ve also weaved in a few furniture hire tips along the way, naturally!

1. Be More Organised

We could all do with being more organised. Making lists, using your time effectively and starting with the small things are just some of the ways you can make this resolution last longer than the first week in January. Decluttering and keeping everything in its place is another way you can get organised. In the office environment, having the right workstation can make all the difference and our range of office furniture is the perfect me


Posted By: Natasha S    Date: 18/12/15

The 31st December has got to be marked on the calendar as the biggest night of the year for parties, get-togethers and celebrations. And as New Year’s eve is less than three short weeks away, the supermarkets are becoming overfilled, the shopping centres jam-packed and the remaining hiding spots for presents diminishing.

Prepare for the biggest day of the year

As soon as Christmas Day itself has been washed down with turkey, bucks fizz, the Queen’s Speech and the infamous game of Scrabble, it’s time to move on from the biggest day of the year to the biggest night of the year as the celebrations, excitement and anticipation for 2016 to start.

If you’re the host of one of these spectacular parties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a seemingly ongoing to-do list. If you strip it back and keep to the basics though, it’ll


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 11/11/15

Whether you're setting up workspaces or replacing outdated furniture, here are our top 3 office items that our clients request.

Lets Start With The Savings!

If this is the first time you've chosen to rent furniture, you might not be sure about what hiring can bring you. One of the main advantages our customers love is the cost savings - you spend much less renting an item than buying a similar one outright. Additional benefits include the fact we deliver and collect any product you order from us to London and any mainland UK destination. We're also available for tips and assistance - our customer service does not end when you've received your order, far from it, we're here to help whenever you need us.

From The Top...

For those customers who have hired before, then you might be looking to replace items you're currently hiring, or you’d like to place a new order for your workspace. We've put together this short g


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 04/11/15

If you’ve hired furniture from us before you already know how renting can save you money and offer you peace of mind, now we have more tips if you’re thinking about hiring again, or if it’s your first time!

Keeping It Simple & Straightforward

Many of us have our first table and chair hire experience via work functions - like conferences, exhibitions and meetings - or large personal occasions, such as anniversaries and weddings. We tend to learn quickly about products, prices and services on offer, which can be a steep learning curve when it’s the first time we rent. Our company aims to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to order any item 24/7.

Our Fab Four Tips


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 21/10/15

We were delighted to see 12 of our black chrome framed leather chairs set up in a sports hall at a large university, showing how versatile they can be.

Sporting spectators

When you’re arranging your furniture hire needs for a sporting occasion, lots of products might spring to mind that will come in very useful. Spectators will appreciate seating located close to all the action and crowd management barriers can keep crowds moving smoothly throughout your venue, for example.

Why soft seating?

There is one product we stock though that might not seem like a popular choice for sports’ events, but we recently saw firsthand how great our chrome framed sofas fit into venues hosting these kinds of functions. Following our recent visit to the location we’ve come up wi


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 07/10/15

Many workers across the UK spend their days in open plan offices, and thanks to our wide range of products you can get really comfy and productive workspaces.

Make Space For Space...

When customers are ordering items for their offices, desks and seating feature highly. But there are many more items that can transform business premises that have an open plan design. In the 1960s cubicles became very popular in companies, as they were a way to create privacy within large and spacious offices. Their popularity really took hold over the years but gradually gave way to the open plan design many of us are familiar with.

Getting Out Of The Communication Cubby Hole

A recent news story has highlighted how we can use furnit


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All events are totally unique so there is no set formula to what kind of furniture you should choose.

We’re Here To Help!

The types of items you go for depend on many different factors, and to help you make the best choice possible we’ve put together our guide of top three points. We’re also available on the phone if you’d like to chat to one of our team instead, or you’re free to send us a message via our website if you prefer.

3 Furniture Factors To Think About...

We know that organising any kind of event takes hard work, you’ll need to think about the finances, the venue, as well as your guests’ comfort too. As we have a large selection of tables, chairs and other items - like barriers and freestanding screens


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As a successful British startup we’re aware of all the statistics facing new businesses but we’d like to concentrate on the positive!

Get the habits...

Figures from Forbes published this year make intimidating reading as it said a staggering 90% of new companies fail. Just 10% make it and the magazine points out several reasons why this might be the case, and offers reasons why other businesses go out of operation. We’ve condensed a few of our favourite tricks right here so you can see some of the successful habits of the ten per cent…

1. Find a market

It sounds almost too simple to be true, but one of the main reasons companies succeed is because they have something that sells well. It’s absolutely crucial that there’s a market for your products or services, as this is where the income lies. Quite of


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 10/09/15

The short answer to this question is everything that you’ve ordered from us! We take full responsibility in getting your order to your London or UK venue at the time requested.

Four seasons furniture hire!

As well as the usual run of conferences, exhibitions and meetings, there are lots of occasions that require chair hire and all types of furniture that we stock. We've recently seen sporting events, music festivals and street parties and proms taking place. We really enjoy helping out with all these occasions and bringing you the products you need, which we do via our fully flexible delivery service, which can be tailored by you. If you’d like to read more, take a look at these key points regarding our deliveries:

When you need your furniture quickly

We’ve all l


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 18/08/14

While at a very large business event at the ExCeL we got to see how great our high Lab desks are for these events, and saw all the great ways different exhibitors attracted attention to their stands.

How to be eye-catching

At a very busy business event we took great notice in our companies encourage clients, potential customers and fellow people in the industry to meet with them and learn about their company and services. Taking place at the exceptionally spacious ExCeL, an event of this size sees many thousands of visitors turning up, as well as a high number of exhibitors. So, what tips and techniques can you use to stimulate interaction and meetings between you and those all-important guests?

Here are some of the most popular ways we saw in action to meet delegates and potentially spread awareness of your organisations and perhaps boost sales!


Posted By: Linsey S    Date: 11/08/14

There are a great many locations where our stacking chairs fit in perfectly, and we visited a large London school lately to see what a great choice they make for exams. The school hired 120 of our Kensington black stacking chairs for their assessments.

Affordable class...

Our Kensington black stacking chairs are one of our most versatile products. Because of their smart design they’re often favoured by companies and businesses who want classy looking seating for a whole range of activities, from meetings, to training sessions, lectures and seminars.

Top marks for versatility

As we saw recently, another top use for our black or blue stacking chairs is for assessments, in both the workplace and all those traditional locations we associate with exams, like schools, colleges and universities. So, what is it about our Kensingto