5 Reasons Start Up's Should Invest In Long Term Hire



5 Reasons Start Up's Should Invest In Long Term Hire

Linsey S

5 Reasons Start Up's Should Invest In Long Term Hire

Post by: Linsey S07/01/2016

Small businesses, your to-do list is truly worthy of receiving the business-equivalent of an Oscar. We know that it involves being the ultimate hat-wearer. You’ve got to juggle meetings, increasing workloads, admin and accounts, all simultaneously, it seems.

How to keep costs low

So when it comes to hiring premises, the number priority is often, how to keep costs low and save time, while kitting out a new office space with furniture that is going to stand the test of time that can be simply sold or given back if it becomes no longer necessary?

It’s natural that businesses may not want to commit to keeping office furniture, forever, that they may no longer use or have no need for. But equally, small businesses will often want it for longer than a week but less than a year, to make sure they can satisfy all their business objectives.

Don’t cripple the bank account or stress the load by worrying where that furniture is going to live once it’s no longer needed. Instead, check out the reasons you should opt for long-term furniture hire, over purchasing....

1. Save costs

It’s all about profits, margins and budgets when it comes to running a small business. We know that you can’t afford to have leaks anywhere and that’s why Online Furniture Hire is the perfect option to beat the accounting blues, while getting quality furniture. Whether it’s meeting tables and chairs, conference or office furniture. With office desks from as low as £12.50 per week to hire and chairs from £1.50 a week, this is one thrifty decision that will pay off. Get long-term furniture for hire with long-term savings that you can’t afford to miss out on.

2. Cut Time

How many of us go into the first furniture shop and choose a table and chair? Unless we’re doing it to simply get it over and done with, let’s face it, most furniture-buying stints take hours of research and then at least one adventure in-store to make our selection and pay. And that’s for one table and chair set that is only going to offend our guests and us if it doesn’t slightly match the walls.

When it comes to hiring office furniture to fill that impressionable office space or meeting room, it’s a totally different ball game and the capability of taking up much more of your time, preventing you from dealing with other business considerations.

Ordering your furniture online couldn’t be quicker or easier. Simply choose which items you like, add to your quote, transact online and there you have it. You can be done in five minutes, safe in the knowledge you’ve saved hours of work and will reap the benefits from having our handy delivery guys on call ready to collect the furniture again once your long-term hire term ends.

3. Improve convenience

When we buy furniture, we’re often trapped into a scenario that is not the most convenient, especially for small business owners. The worry is always about how much time and money is this going to cost the business. Any business-related activity that takes you away from meeting clients and growing profits seems pointless and can be a severe drain to finances.

Our customers can rely on our friendly and dedicated customer service team to always be on hand to answer your queries or come for a pick up on the same or next day. Don't forget - we're also fully e-commerce so you can choose to hire at any time of the day or night.

4. Remove storage issues

When you buy furniture, there's always the problem of where to store it if you no longer need it. Or, there’s the added hassle of having to sell it on, probably at a loss. When you hire furniture online, you remove both these problems and have the option of hiring furniture long-term. Keep the furniture safe and protected. Only you can decide when you no longer need it. And, if you could do with cutting some costs from your budget, simply let us know and we’ll come and collect it.

5. Impress potential clients

What better incentive to hire furniture than to impress prospective clients by creating a professional environment. They say we make a first impression based on the first seven seconds of meeting someone and so they’re likely to take in everything around them, including the wider environment, along with the tables and chairs you have. After all, it all works towards creating that overall picture of the style and tone of your brand. Order traditional and elegant or contemporary and sleek long-term furniture for that one-time-only first impression.


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