31st December 2015: 5 Ways to Set the Scene



31st December 2015: 5 Ways to Set the Scene

Linsey S

31st December 2015: 5 Ways to Set the Scene

Post by: Linsey S18/12/2015

The 31st December has got to be marked on the calendar as the biggest night of the year for parties, get-togethers and celebrations. And as New Year’s eve is less than three short weeks away, the supermarkets are becoming overfilled, the shopping centres jam-packed and the remaining hiding spots for presents diminishing.

Prepare for the biggest day of the year

As soon as Christmas Day itself has been washed down with turkey, bucks fizz, the Queen’s Speech and the infamous game of Scrabble, it’s time to move on from the biggest day of the year to the biggest night of the year as the celebrations, excitement and anticipation for 2016 to start.

If you’re the host of one of these spectacular parties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a seemingly ongoing to-do list. If you strip it back and keep to the basics though, it’ll soon be rocking and rolling with a house full of party guests getting into the true celebratory spirit.

Check out our 5 best ways to ensure you make 31st December 2015 a date in the calendar your guests will remember long into the New Year...

1. Theme

Impress your guests from the outset with a theme for this New Year’s Eve party.

Whether it’s your guests or the venue that will be donning the fancy dress attire, everything about your venue should scream that style to get the party spirit well underway. Whether it’s full-on party mode, sophisticated glamour or a child-friendly fun kingdom, there’s a theme to match. A White New Year’s Eve party will look stunning (just beware of the wrath of red wine!).

Or, how about opting for a James Bond or Great Gatsby affair? You’re sure to ooze all the Hollywood sophistication. Alternatively, a pre-resolution bash is always a great way to set your goals, divulge in them and make a full-proof plan to make 2016 your year. 

2. Venue

No matter how many guests you’ve got coming this 31st December, whether it’s big or small, there’s a venue for everyone. If you’re hiring one out for the big occasion or even transforming your own, make sure the venue is filled with event furniture and decorations that show off your theme.

Whether it’s contemporary and stylish or traditional and elegant, make the most out of the venue’s natural features and space and give it a little spruce with fun-filled and inviting decorations to create the perfect atmosphere.

Decorations don’t have to be elaborate! A selection of spectacular balloon regalia, cascading party poppers, bright lights and the sighting of a music dock should do the trick and get your guests chatting, dancing and loving the party atmosphere.

3. Event Furniture

When your guests have positively danced their socks off and are in need of a little refreshment and nibble, or a just a natter, your event furniture will go down like a treat.

After all, not only does it provide the practical necessities for food and guests, but also plays an important part when it comes to setting the right ambience and atmosphere. When it comes to providing event furniture, you can’t go wrong with a wide range of chairs, trestle tables, linen and even a mobile bar to give that themed venue a wonderful extra layer of sparkle.

Whatever the style and atmosphere you’re going for, choose from a fancy plethora of poseur, banquet and coffee tables to add a touch of glamour and luxury to the big night. Or, if it’s beautifully styled table linen and centrepieces that you need to add that finishing touch, we’ve got a selection of colours and fabrics to change the appearance of any round or rectangular table. Don't forget to finish the look off nicely with our stunning array of modern and elegant chairs.

4. Food and Fun

Let’s face it, when we enter a venue, our eyes immediately go towards the nibble and drinks area. Take your guest’s breath away with a selection of delicious and visually-stunning designs that are sure to win them over and have them heading directly for the table of treats. You know your guests, so if it’s prosecco and sweet delights, sarnies and light refreshments, hot favourites and a Christmas eggnog, or a combination of all three, make sure you stock up.

Karaoke is a great way to ensure your guests have fun and let their hair down. Get into the party spirit with a selection of old time classic board games, digital fun or all-out craziness with an inflatable assault course. And why not set the night really alight, with a load of fireworks to welcome 2016 in style.

5. Music

When the music is up, the karaoke machine on the go and the guests through the door, the real place to have the party is right on the dancefloor. Dad-dancers are welcome, of course, it’s New Year’s Eve. Create your tracklist and fill it with old and new fun-filled songs that are bound to get the room shaking. Ask your guests for requests and you may find yourself trying out for the role of DJ. If you’ve got one handy or an assigned music maestro, make sure you get your tune requests in early to avoid disappointment.

If these tips have got you in the party spirit already, take a look at our large selection of furniture for the big night itself today.


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