Why Sofas Could Improve Your Sporting Event



Why Sofas Could Improve Your Sporting Event

Linsey S

Why Sofas Could Improve Your Sporting Event

Post by: Linsey S21/10/2015

We were delighted to see 12 of our black chrome framed leather chairs set up in a sports hall at a large university, showing how versatile they can be.

Sporting spectators

When you’re arranging your furniture hire needs for a sporting occasion, lots of products might spring to mind that will come in very useful. Spectators will appreciate seating located close to all the action and crowd management barriers can keep crowds moving smoothly throughout your venue, for example.

Why soft seating?

There is one product we stock though that might not seem like a popular choice for sports’ events, but we recently saw firsthand how great our chrome framed sofas fit into venues hosting these kinds of functions. Following our recent visit to the location we’ve come up with several reasons why corbusier sofa hire could be just what your occasion needs!

1. Own the space

Of course, providing seating for spectators is often essential for many sporting functions, and we have lots of chair hire choices when it comes to this, from robust plastic seats that stack, to those that fold in seconds. When you also opt for sofa hire, which our recent client did, then you’re not only providing really comfy seating, but you’re selecting products that can help you utilise your venue.

Sofas give you a way to turn empty/underused parts of your venue into networking centres, refreshment zones or press areas. Our chrome frame range is very easy to group together so you can design the space specifically for your needs.

2. VIP vibes

Zoning off certain areas where guests can enjoy drinks or networking with other visitors can really boost the functionality of your chosen venue. But you may also want to add some extra special areas for important guests. Our chrome framed sofas are a simple and easy way to add a VIP feel to your occasions. Providing comfy seating is a great way to show these visitors that you care and value their attendance to your event.

3. Get smart venues

Another reason why our sofas can make a great choice for your sporting function is down to their very design. As you can see from our photos, this range looks sleek and stylish. The appearance of these sofas really add a smart look to any venue. Here, they provided a comfortable and contemporary vantage point to the sports hall below and the large television sets opposite that were showing an event connected to the sporting activity in the gym. The black leather finish is sophisticated and classy - perfect when you want smart seating.

Go natural?

As well as ordering our chrome framed sofas - which are available in black or white - we have a range of other products that are great for sporting events. We also stock black leather tub chairs and our exceptionally comfy natural fabric sofas, which you can really sink into thanks to the oversized cushions!

Our stretch barriers ensure that crowd management is easy and smooth, as you can install them to show visitors where to queue, and we have several types available, including our chrome barrier, black barrier and our ropes and poles, which perfectly complement our red carpet when you’re striving for that VIP look.

https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events/furniture-for-sporting-events-740x350.jpg - Enjoy your favourite sports in comfort with our sofa range.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events2/furniture-for-sporting-events2-740x350.jpg - Choose one, two or three seater Corbusier sofas for your event.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events3/furniture-for-sporting-events3-740x350.jpg - Sofas situated where they're needed.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events4/furniture-for-sporting-events4-740x350.jpg - 2 seater black Corbusier sofa for a range of events.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events5/furniture-for-sporting-events5-740x350.jpg - Complement your surroundings with a mixture of black and white sofas.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events6/furniture-for-sporting-events6-740x350.jpg - Our Corbusier sofas are sleek and sophisticated with highly polished chrome detail.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events7/furniture-for-sporting-events7-740x350.jpg - Hundreds in stock for immediate delivery.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events8/furniture-for-sporting-events8-740x350.jpg - Soft seating with a sporting view.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events9/furniture-for-sporting-events9-740x350.jpg - Take a seat and relax on our 1 seater Corbusier sofa.
https://mill-media.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/online-furniture-hire/article_additional/furniture-for-sporting-events10/furniture-for-sporting-events10-740x350.jpg - Elegant sofa hire range from Online Furniture Hire.

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