The 3 Furniture Items Your Office Can't Do Without



The 3 Furniture Items Your Office Can't Do Without

Linsey S

The 3 Furniture Items Your Office Can't Do Without

Post by: Linsey S11/11/2015

Whether you're setting up workspaces or replacing outdated furniture, here are our top 3 office items that our clients request.

Lets Start With The Savings!

If this is the first time you've chosen to rent furniture, you might not be sure about what hiring can bring you. One of the main advantages our customers love is the cost savings - you spend much less renting an item than buying a similar one outright. Additional benefits include the fact we deliver and collect any product you order from us to London and any mainland UK destination. We're also available for tips and assistance - our customer service does not end when you've received your order, far from it, we're here to help whenever you need us.

From The Top...

For those customers who have hired before, then you might be looking to replace items you're currently hiring, or you’d like to place a new order for your workspace. We've put together this short guide so all our customers can get inspired and place orders for the furniture that suits them best.

1. Workspaces…that work!

Today's offices seem much more likely to experiment with their desking and the way it's arranged. Some locations like everyone grouped together in stations, while others might divide desks so they reflect different teams. Whichever tactic you prefer our products easy to set up and install. This means you're able to put them where you like with ease. We offer light oak desking finish - in 1500mm and 1800mm sizes - as well as a white finish in 1600mm. All models have a folding leg feature, allowing them to go from flat to upright in less than a minute. The finish you choose depends on your office style, with white appealing to very contemporary locations, while our light oak range is modern and very smart looking.

2. Take a smart seat

The next step after ordering your desk, is to think about which office chair you'd like. We chosen a variety of comfy options for you. Workers generally spend many hours over the course of a working week sitting down completing tasks at their desks. For this reason many of our models can be adjusted to suit each person, such as our operator's, leather executive, and ergonomic chairs. Our operator's product line comes in black or blue, with the seat height and seat back all being adjustable.

You're also able to alter the armrest height of the models that have this feature. The padding and smart finish make this a very popular choice for offices and workspaces. For even more adaptable features, then take a look at our luxury ergonomic chair, which is fully adjustable, including the arms, neck rest, lumbar support, seat height and seat back angle. The modern, sleek design fits into many different contemporary office locations, bringing a cutting edge look to workspaces.

An executive choice

When you'd like an exceptionally smart look our leather executive chairs and cantilever chairs are perfect. You can adjust the height of the executive chair to suit your needs, and the leather look provides a very deluxe ambiance in workspaces.

3. Put on a pedestal

The benefits of getting the best storage for your office are huge. Our mobile pedestals come in a light oak finish to match our desking and offer two drawers for storage, which are both lockable for privacy. As well as giving you somewhere to store papers, pedestals are also an ideal location for stationery and personal items too, like mobile phones.

Why long or short of it?

You can hire any combination of our items together if you would like other products for your office, such as folding tables, bookcases, filing cabinets and cupboards. The longer you hire the more affordable our rates become, so you can make a saving by choosing to rent furniture from us all-year round.


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