3 Top Tips For Your Furniture Hire Essentials



3 Top Tips For Your Furniture Hire Essentials

Linsey S

3 Top Tips For Your Furniture Hire Essentials

Post by: Linsey S02/10/2015

All events are totally unique so there is no set formula to what kind of furniture you should choose.

We’re Here To Help!

The types of items you go for depend on many different factors, and to help you make the best choice possible we’ve put together our guide of top three points. We’re also available on the phone if you’d like to chat to one of our team instead, or you’re free to send us a message via our website if you prefer.

3 Furniture Factors To Think About...

We know that organising any kind of event takes hard work, you’ll need to think about the finances, the venue, as well as your guests’ comfort too. As we have a large selection of tables, chairs and other items - like barriers and freestanding screens - for rent you might be unsure which of these will benefit you the best… read on to see our top three tips.

1. Know your space

This tip is all about the event you’re holding and the venue itself. Our products are very versatile and one type of chair could be used for lots of different occasions for example. Despite this, it’s always good to have proper think about your business or function space and make furniture selections that fit - not only in terms of size, but also functionality too!

For example, if you work out of a very small office but want to offer soft seating, our large 2 seater black chrome framed sofa would probably take up a lot of room, but our black Swan chairs are smaller, offer an iconic look and team perfectly with our walnut coffee tables for a smart and professional image.

To help you find the best fit for your event, we’ve divided our website up into categories, so you’re able to find deluxe tables and chairs for parties, smart seating for meetings and desking for offices. Many of our lines come in different sizes, so you’re able to make the best selections for your premises.

2. Numbers count

When you’re considering your budget, we can think very simply. Take the amount allocated to furniture hire, then divide it by the number of seats/desks/tables required! This is a basic way of looking at your finances, but shows how the number of guests expected at functions can affect the economics of your budget.

We offer lots of different product lines, with each one attracting their own low rental rates. If you have a large number of people turning up then you can chose our more affordable seating if you’d like to save money, such as our blue/black polyprop chairs, or our white folding fan back chairs - both of which have been used in business events. Our stacking chairs are also very affordable and offer premium padding for comfort. If you’re putting comfort as a priority, then you’re free to consider our operator’s and office chairs. Keeping in mind the number of guests allows you to make informed decisions that will preserve your budget.

3. It’s how you finish!

This tip is related to the first and encourages you to think about the theme of your occasion. For example if you’re arranging a wedding, although the Herman Miller chair might fit your budget, size of your venue and is comfy - it might not be the most obvious choice, and a white folding fan back chair or a banquet chair with white cover may be a better solution! The different styles of furniture should be carefully considered as this can have an impact at these personal occasions, but business ones too.

We find that our white ranges are very popular with today’s modern offices, and our white Keeler chairs, sofas and cubes make great choices. If you’re after a contemporary yet traditional look to business locations, then our light oak desking and tabling is another option. Many of our finishes are perfect for corporate occasions and choosing the type that reflects your branding the best can really get your company noticed.


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