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Montague Armchair - Black


Why sofas are perfect for events

Soft seating hire makes one of the best furniture investments for premises and events, which is why we’ve made sure we have a very diverse range of products available for your London event, and those based beyond the city too.

Smart. statement sofas...

Sofas are synonymous with relaxation, unwinding and perhaps meeting informally with other guests and delegates. But why is it so important to have areas in your event where this can take place? It’s pretty obvious why sofas in cafes, restaurants, waiting areas, lounges and hotels are important - so visitors can unwind with a drink, snack or newspaper, or catch up with their friends. It makes perfect sense that you offer very comfy seating that’s also stylish and complements the vibe of your premises, but what about sofa hire for conferences, exhibitions and other events?

Maximising your venue space!

Sofas are not only about relaxation, when you choose hire sofas, you’re ordering products that can give so much to your venue. As well as providing areas for you guests/delegates to unwind, you’re free to set them to give visitors a place to network, meet with others, and perhaps do a bit of work too. The addition of soft seating can turn your event venue from a location that hosts talks, presentations and shows to one that could lead to productive meetings with potential clients, for example.

Need nice and natural?

We have a large range of sofas in stock and you might want to think about your location or the type of event you’re holding ahead of choosing products. Cafes, hotels, lounges and waiting rooms are the perfect location for our natural fabric sofas, which are exceptionally comfortable and contemporary looking too. When you’re designing cool corporate venues or VIP lounges for example, then our tub chairs are an excellent choice, thanks to the black leather finish and the curved lines of the design, which looks so stylish.

At home with chrome...

Another very contemporary product line is our chrome framed leather chairs. It’s up to you whether you opt for bold black or super chic white, but one thing’s for sure these rental sofas bring a very modern vibe to locations and the oversized cushions really boost comfort - great for nightclubs, parties, exhibitions and other occasions where elegance and comfort is crucial.

Yet another very contemporary option is our cube seating. It only takes a glance to see why these are often chosen for cool exhibitions, trendy galleries and locations where you want a very modern vibe. The shape and black leather finish ooze cool and what’s more, the top is padded so visitors are comfy too.