Everyday sofas - to the more opulent...

We might not think it now, but when sofas were first used they were mostly owned only by royalty and the elite! Nowadays there are many different kinds of products available and our sofa hire rates mean that you don’t have to be a member of the monarchy to have one in your business or on your premises.

Lovely & lavish

Things were very different when sofas were first made way bay in 2,000 BC. The Ancient Egyptians and the Romans were among some of the first populations to use them, and despite the fact technical machinery hadn’t been invented, and access to lots of different materials was a bit more tricky than today, they produced very opulent and lavish sofas.

Meanwhile, most people relied on thick carpeting and tapestry to make their homes and businesses comfy, but this all began to change when properties were built more strongly, giving owners a stable base that they could furnish for the long-term, instead of moving out furniture and other belongings when bad weather easily entered premises.

Putting the Grand into comfort

As the desire for soft seating caught on, manufacturers in the 1900s released many different designs, and once machinery became developed there were many different options to choose from. Lots of seating launched throughout the years has had an enduring popularity, and this applies 100 per cent to our white chrome framed leather chair. In the 1920s, the Grand Confort was launched by Le Corbusier, and the same type of design can still be ordered from us today when you select our white chrome framed leather chair. The original features beautifully soft large cushions, a modern angular look, with a contemporary chrome frame wrapping around the entire sofa.

Timeless designs

We’ve made sure you’re able to get timeless decadence, and ultra comfort by offering our white leather chrome framed sofa. We have several different sizes available, including our one, two and three seater - so when you’re looking for seductive seating for your reception, lounge, VIP party, premium club, executive lounge, conference or office, you need look no further than our sofa hire range!

One sofa - many different options

In addition to chrome framed sofas in white, we also stock those with a black leather finish, which are very similar to the original Corbusier and come in one and two seaters. In addition, our range of coffee table hire products are very varied, so you’re free to design spectacular meeting, eating and relaxation areas - with our walnut coffee tables proving to be a popular furniture hire choice for our chrome framed sofas.

Corbusier Armchair - White


Dimensions:  W760 x D700 x H670mm

Very chic white leather finish

Features comfy deep cushioning

Chrome frame is ultra elegant

Versatile for many locations

Ultra elegant seating for one is what you get when you choose our one seater white sofa from this range. The white leather, oversized cushions and chrome frame is exceptionally chic, and for seating groups, we have two larger models available.


Product Variants

Corbusier Armchair - BlackBlack
Corbusier Armchair - WhiteWhite

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Corbusier Armchair - Black
Corbusier Armchair - Black


White Chrome Framed Leather Sofa
White Chrome Framed Leather Sofa