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Walnut Coffee Table


Comfort and coffee tables!

Coffee tables are products that are very aptly named, but we think you’ll be impressed with all the different uses our coffee table hire range has! This is partly down to the really diverse number of items we have in stock, and also because lower tables have become something of a must-have product for many different London venues and events.

Designed for the times...

The comfort of your guests is absolutely crucial, especially when you might be competing to offer the best customer care experience in your London-based industry. Whether you own a cafe, hotel, bar or restaurant - or you’re arranging conferences, meetings, training, and other similar occasions - ensuring your visitors are comfortable is essential. You can do this in a number of ways, such as offering refreshments, free WiFi or reading material for example. Another way to do this, is to make sure venues are designed for comfort, and feature areas where guests, delegates and visitors are able to unwind easily - which is when our coffee table hire range comes in very useful indeed!

Chic and sturdy

We have many different coffee tables in stock, so designing break, eating, refreshment or breakout meeting areas in your location is an absolute breeze. Our rectangular coffee table has a traditional shape topped with a light oak finish, fantastic for those areas where style is important, such as waiting rooms, conferences and lounges. The robust melamine top is easy to keep clean and the grey metal frame is sturdy and strong. 

A coffee table for every tone

For a real decadent vibe then you might want to select our walnut coffee table. The rich dark wood has a long association with success and style, so when you want to bring this feeling to your occasion, this product might be the one for you. The butterfly legs and elegant design is very attractive to look at, and like all tables in this range, it’s very simple to keep clean.

Choose your sofa combination

Teaming our coffee tables with our sofas - such as our tub, corbusier and natural fabric range - allows you to tailor your furniture hire to the theme of your event. A modern look can be achieved with our corbusier sofas and high gloss coffee tables, while our natural fabric sofas and walnut tables results in classic elegance  - the possibilities are endless!