Walnut Coffee Table
Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut Coffee Table



£20.57 /week

Dimensions:  W600 x D600 x H480mm

Very decadent walnut finish

25mm top grade melamine top

Polished chrome base

Strong, sturdy and robust

Walnut coffee tables - no introduction necessary!

Why is it particular finishes on furniture hire products give off a completely different vibe. The great news about this, is that you can get the perfect coffee tables for your event, and we have just the wide range you require to get the exact vibe you want. From contemporary white, to bold black, as well as thoroughly modern light oak - not forgetting the wonderfully classy finish that is walnut.

A long term furniture favourite

This finish needs no introduction, the rich, deep tones give rooms a feeling of utter decadence and style, befitting all sorts of executive and exclusive locations, from lawyer’s offices, to boardrooms, VIP lounges and even your own office if you desire! The popularity of using this wood in furniture actually predates the invention of coffee tables as we know them. As newer materials are discovered they each have time in the spotlight as the ‘new thing’, and this occurred with walnut way back in the 1600s - showing how long it’s been one of the most favourite woods for furniture.

The perfect complement to our tables...

It wasn’t until the 1800s that coffee tables were first launched, and even then, they were built to be much higher than the ones you can rent today! Creators of coffee tables have always liked to be as artistic as designers in any creative field and in the mid-19th Century, they began manufacturing lower products like those produced in Japan. As other items of furniture began to evolve, such as sofas, a powerful team was created in the form of soft seating and coffee tables that were low enough so people could rest drinks, papers and snacks on them.

Why this is a premium - affordable - item

Eventually both walnut and coffee tables were combined together, resulting in a super classy product, that is very practical and robust too. Our walnut coffee table hire range has a butterfly base that adds to the smart look, while the solid 25mm melamine top and legs contribute to the premium quality of this item.

Elegance… everywhere!

There are so many locations where walnut is the perfect choice, and what’s more, we have a range of seating and table hire products that are a fantastic match for this product. For example, our tub chairs and black chrome framed sofas are an amazing complement when you want smart, super cool seating areas in VIP lounges, executive suites, corporate conferences and exclusive clubs. You’re also free to order our walnut poseur tables and stools, for elegant mingling, networking and events.


What other walnut products do you have?

We also have walnut stools, a great match for our poseur tables when the accent is on style and class. The walnut finish of our coffee tables is also a fantastic match for our black tub chairs and chrome framed sofas.

Is this steady?

Very. The butterfly legs ensures that this is a very stable and robust furniture hire item.