Tips To Make The Most Of Furniture Hire



Tips To Make The Most Of Furniture Hire

Linsey S

Tips To Make The Most Of Furniture Hire

Post by: Linsey S04/11/2015

If you’ve hired furniture from us before you already know how renting can save you money and offer you peace of mind, now we have more tips if you’re thinking about hiring again, or if it’s your first time!

Keeping It Simple & Straightforward

Many of us have our first table and chair hire experience via work functions - like conferences, exhibitions and meetings - or large personal occasions, such as anniversaries and weddings. We tend to learn quickly about products, prices and services on offer, which can be a steep learning curve when it’s the first time we rent. Our company aims to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing you to order any item 24/7.

Our Fab Four Tips

You can choose your delivery time and location and lots of product information means you can make the most informed decision possible about chairs, tables, linen and any other items you’d like to rent. There are other ways we try and make sure your customer experience is seamless and second-to-none - take a look at the following four tips to learn more…

1. Mix and match!

Because we offer a wide variety of products you can mix and match your order according to the style you’re after and the ideal price range too. For example if you need meeting tables and chairs then you might like to go for our large meeting table and 16 polyprop chairs. This type of seating comes in black/blue and is among our most affordable. Both models feature a contoured back with ventilation hole and smart design.

Stacking & storage

Additionally it can be stacked, while the frame is robust yet light. If you wanted extra comfort features then you might like to try our stacking chairs, which offer premium padding that keeps you comfortable for many hours. It also has a professional design thanks to the black/blue finish and chrome frame. These are just two different ways you can get chairs and tables for your meetings, and if you take a look at our website you’ll see there are many different options for all sorts of events and locations.

2. Be upfront…

Sometimes the simplest way to get an answer to your question is ask! Because we want to offer our customers the best rates possible we run a price match service. So if you’ve been quoted less money for a similar furniture order then let us know and we’ll do our best to beat or match it. This can ensure you get the best deals going and allows your budget to be stretched that little bit further.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for promotions

Another way to get the most from your hiring experience is to benefit from special offers. We love to run a new campaign in order to highlight our range and new items that have recently joined it. Seasonal promotions are also a favourite of ours, and during these you can save money on those items commonly being hired, such as our chrome poseur tables and stools in Summer and our banqueting chairs and tables over the festive period.

4. Prepare your plan

This tip is especially important if you’re placing a large order, such as for thousands of folding chairs, because you’ll need to know that you have space for all the seating required. You might also have to abide by certain health and safety regulations, which could include minimum distances needed between rows of seating, for example. As well as planning your furniture needs for larger spaces, you might also do this for smaller spaces too. Even if your office accommodates just a few people, getting desks and office storage of the correct size means you can get a workspace that functions properly.

You’re free to plan yourself, but we also have a CAD expert in-house who’s able to assist you with this too, and our friendly sales team are also available to give you all the help you need!


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