Thanks for hiring our exam desks



Thanks for hiring our exam desks

Linsey S

Thanks for hiring our exam desks

Post by: Linsey S30/03/2010

The College of Law contacted us towards the end of 2009 to enquire about exam desk hire for their exams in Manchester in March. We were pleased to help, and offered the college our usual low price to hire our folding exam desks, and are happy to say that the college went ahead and placed an order with us.  The College of Law is one of the leading private law colleges is the country, and has centres across the country. We're pleased that the college chose to hire exam desks from our website, and that the college was happy with the quality of our exam desks and our customer service.  Online Furniture Hire looks forward to hiring exam desks to the College of Law in the future. If you are a specialist college and are looking for a company that offers exam desk hire, then why not contact one of our sales team on 020 8099 5113. 

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