We love hiring furniture at Earls Court



We love hiring furniture at Earls Court

Linsey S

We love hiring furniture at Earls Court

Post by: Linsey S31/03/2010

We hire furniture to conference and exhibitions all over London and beyond, however in the past year we've noticed a big increase in the number of chairs hired to businesses and organisations exhibiting at Earls Court. We've delivered hire chairs and hire screens to Earls Court three times in the last week, and have already bookings throughout the year to hire furniture for use at the venue!  We love hiring to Earls Court for many reasons! Firstly, because our main furniture hire warehouse is conveniently located within the M25, we can quickly and easily deliver our hire items to West London! What's more, we have daily deliveries to central London anyway, so delivering to Earls Court is no problem!  If you are exhibiting at Earls Court or Olympia this year, and are looking for a reliable furniture hire company, then why not take a look at our product range, or call one of our sales team on 020 8099 5115. We have large stocks and have a variety of services available, including chair hire, table hire, screen hire, and desk hire!  

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