Need to hire exam desks this summer



Need to hire exam desks this summer

Linsey S

Need to hire exam desks this summer

Post by: Linsey S02/04/2010

We are proud of being one of the main exam desk hire companies in the UK and we hold large stocks of exam desks for hire at our depots in Dartford (London), Birmingham, and Manchester. However, this year we have received an unprecedented number of enquiries to hire exam desks, which is due in part to the snow this January causing many winter exams to be rescheduled for the Spring.  Fortunately, Online Furniture Hire have just ordered an extra 200 exam tables, which on top of our large existing stocks should allow us to meet all orders for exam table hire this May and June 2010. Like all of our existing hire stocks of exam tables, these desks are extremely sturdy and constructed from a solid wood top and from a galvanised tubular steel frame, with a locking mechanism.  If you are looking for a furniture hire company for your exams this summer, then you should use a specialist educational hire company like us, call our team on 020 8099 5113. 

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