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Banquet Chair for Hire

Linsey S

Banquet Chair for Hire

Post by: Linsey S12/12/2011

The encyclopaedia defines the word ‘banquet’ as a large feast or meal complete with a three course dinner. It usually serves a purpose such a celebration, a ceremony or as a charitable gathering and often preceded or followed by speeches in honour of someone. Banquets can vary in size from 50 guests to one thousand and every detail needs to be meticulously planned. The particulars of the day range from the decor to the colour scheme, to the food which is to be served and the furniture which is required. They are often very costly and everyone strives to make a lasting impression, whether this is how the food is presented or the tables are laid.  Deciding to hire your furniture is one of the most cost effective decisions you will make from the outset of your event. Many venues do not have furniture in storage as space is usually very limited and restricted. Every corner of the building falls under the ownership of different departments. Furniture hire provides a facility which allows you to simply order the amount of furniture required for your event. You can specify the exact location of your celebration or function, down to the floor level and the furniture hire items will only be delivered at a time that is suitable. If you have hired serving staff for the evening and they are under strict instruction to set the tables, you will require the furniture for hire to arrive at a specified time only. Our banquet chairs complete the look of many events and functions but suit banquets and weddings especially. They are chic and regal in design and guaranteed to make an impact when your guests arrive. Over the last year it has become apparent that our banquet chairs within our chair hire category are two of our most popular chairs for hire as we have hired over 10,000 of them to a selection of events, functions and celebrations. Constructed only from wood and featuring a unique design to the back of the chair, they are extremely lightweight and can be easily moved from location to another. Online Furniture Hire offers a choice of velour fabric pad which can be customised to suit the colour scheme of your occasion. Easily detachable, the fabric pad can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or by using upholstery shampoo. Our banquet chairs for hire are available in elegant and royal gold or contemporary and sleek silver. Fabric pads range from deep royal blue, light sky blue, gold, black and luxurious deep cherry. Whether your event is based around football colours or favourite colours, our banquet chairs for hire can be altered to suit any occasion. When the chairs are not in use they can also be stacked up to ten chairs high. Often hired with our banquet tables within table hire we can accommodate either six, eight or ten people to three different size circular banquet tables. Our furniture for hire is guaranteed to make your event or banquet, the banquet of the year.

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