Stool Hire The Answer to you Event



Stool Hire The Answer to you Event

Linsey S

Stool Hire The Answer to you Event

Post by: Linsey S25/12/2011

When planning an event or celebration it is very easy to forget some of the smaller details and ensuring you have enough chairs for people to sit on and tables to sit at. Personally speaking, having organised a number of BBQ’s, there was countless occasions where I had totally overlooked chair and table hire. This was before I had found and used Online Furniture Hire. A simply phone call to the team based in Belvedere, specifying what my event was, how many guests would be attending and how long I needed the furniture for provided me with the peace of mind that chair and table hire was organised. The team at Online Furniture Hire kindly asked me the delivery and collection address and quoted me a very competitive rate. A quote was sent to my email address within minutes and I simply followed the instructions supplied to complete my order and secured the goods for my celebration. It is at this stage where you may be wondering what my furniture hire decisions were. I wanted my celebration to be an event that my guests would not forget in a hurry. I was adamant that this year, my event would be an impressive occasion so I decided to hire a selection of poseur tables. After visiting the website and analysing party furniture hire and banquet furniture hire I was presented with a variety of outdoor furniture hire items. The poseur tables were an obvious choice as I knew my guests could comfortably stand at them with cocktails and food. The agent I spoke to informed me the poseur tables for hire were an extremely popular choice at events and celebrations. I was advised that they could be easily wiped clean if any spillages occurred and being so lightweight I could organise them around the garden and within my house with absolute ease. Further information was supplied about my table hire selection and being set on a four star chrome base the table hire would be very sturdy and the feet affixed to the bottom of the base added to the stability. The information supplied was tremendously helpful. I would have been horrified if tables had collapsed and drinks had fallen over my guests. Ensuring the table hire was sturdy, robust, lightweight and versatile was a priority when I began my search for furniture hire items. My second choice of furniture hire was undoubtedly chair hire. Whilst some of my guests could stand at poseur tables, I wanted the availability of seating to also be present. I knew my decking could hold four poseur tables comfortably with poseur stools as their accompaniment. The website offered me a selection of stools for hire and I was spoilt for choice. The assortment ranged from value and aluminium stools to black and chrome stools with medium back and high back support. The chair hire selection also included a very modern and stylish chrome stool with contoured seat. This stool was perfect and I ordered several for my event. The poseur table and stools certainly made an impression as every single guest made a comment and loved the way I was designed the celebration. Thanks to Online Furniture Hire for their professional service and advice! My celebration was a huge success!

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