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Filing Cabinets For Hire

Linsey S

Filing Cabinets For Hire

Post by: Linsey S06/01/2012

Fed up of working in a messy office? Well our filing cabinets could be an ideal solution for you - say goodbye to your cluttered desk and start to reap the benefits of working in an organised environment. No longer will you need to waste time trawling around your office trying to find something, simply keep on top of your work by storing them in our large, fully extendable drawers. With the ability to lock the cabinets you also have a piece of mind that any sensitive documents like bank details, invoices and any other documents containing personal details are in a secure location. Not only are cabinets secure, they’re very study, meaning you can put up to 40kg in each draw. The cabinets come in two variants, one with two drawers and another with four. Both feature an anti-tilt locking mechanism so you don’t need to worry about the drawers opening when moving around the cabinets.These filing cabinets are perfect for you if you’re looking for a temporary storage solution – Why buy the furniture when you can save money by hiring it for the duration you require. Not only will it save you money, it also saves you the hassle of working out what you want to do with the furniture when it’s no longer needed. We also deliver and collect the furniture at a time that suits you to make your experience with us as stress free as possible.  Don’t forget that the cabinets are just a small part of our selection of products; we offer a range of office furniture and accessories that will suit your needs, allowing you to design your ideal office setup. The Cantilever desks are a popular choice for an office, with a robust build and stylish design. The tables feature modesty panels, folding legs and a cable port to feed your computer cables down so you’re able to keep each workstation looking neat and tidy. Furniture Hire UK has a large number of desks in stock, available in a variety of colours and sizes. We also offer a range of office chairs for hire to go with the desks, these include our Executive leather chairs which come complete with looping arms, gas left and a reclining back which can also be locked into position. These are just the thing if you’re after an up market chair for executive and managerial environments. The chair is extremely comfortable with padded soft leather.

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