Kensington and Stirling stacking chairs



Kensington and Stirling stacking chairs

Linsey S

Kensington and Stirling stacking chairs

Post by: Linsey S03/03/2012

Arranging seating for an event can be tricky to organise. Once you have decided on hiring furniture for the said event (as it is the most cost effective way of furnishing an area for short term use), you also have to consider how time consuming it will be to set up the area correctly, making sure it will look nice and please guests, but also ensuring there are enough seats and they have been organised well according to the type of event you are holding. For example if you are using Online Furniture Hire for a conference, seating will need to be arrange to suit the needs of this. All seats will need to have a clear view of any one that will be speaking during the conference, and have suitable tables too. To make the organisation of your event as easy as possible, we have made the Kensington stacking chair and the Stirling stacking chair, obviously, stackable. This means they can be transported easily to your destination and be set up quickly without trouble. The amount of time this saves you on the day of your event can be very useful, as we all know when it comes down to the day, there is always something you've forgotten! Hopefully by saving some time on setting up the chairs, you will have a bit of spare time just in case there is something you have forgotten! The ability to stack these chairs is also very useful because it means that they can be stored well when they aren’t in use. They are lightweight yet sturdy, which are two properties which again makes them easy to store. The Kensington and Stirling stacking chairs both come in black and blue. They are formal chairs, yet made comfortable by the soft back and seat. This makes it highly suitable for seating required for long periods of time, such as lectures, training and conferences. They have both been reduced to £2.99 which is very affordable and cost effective in these bad economic times. But you are still getting value for you money with the sturdy chrome frame and padding made out of the highest quality material. So hire this if you want a chair that is stylish, comfortable yet affordable. This is one of our most popular chairs for hire and we have had brilliant feedback from customers about it! Contact us by phone or get a quote from our website if you're interested!

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