Clerical Chair with arms



Clerical Chair with arms

Linsey S

Clerical Chair with arms

Post by: Linsey S04/01/2013

Your office chair is arguably the most important piece of furniture you will ever use. Don’t believe me? Imagine just one day without it. When you enter the office, throw down your bag and crash to floor instead of into the soft seating you expect. When you’re typing on the computer or conversing with customers whilst hovering, instead of being the perfect height and comfort that you have come to take for granted. Or even at the end of the day when you spring to your feet to make a quick get away un-helped by the usual support of the push of a office chair.

As a society we have become completely reliant on the ingenious invention of the office chair, but can you honestly say your chair fulfils all your soft seating needs? This is where Online Furniture Hire comes to the rescue. Their wide range of operator chairs will suit not only your comfort needs, style wants and practical musts, but also save you money in the long and short run!

Chairs for the Office

For example their ‘Brandon Office Chair’ is the perfect addition to any office. It’s sleek black exterior brings an executive feel to any office, whilst proving maximum comfort to all its users. Complete with a dual lever mechanism which can alter both the height and back support for every user, alongside the cushioned seat base and back, this chair is truly the perfect solution for any comfort needs. It is also equipped with a five star base with casters, making it practical to move and sturdy enough to support – hence also being the perfect solution to all your practical musts. Next on the checklist is your style wants which are effortlessly catered through it’s sleek back exterior. However if black doesn’t suit your décor, there is also a blue version available (‘Jackson Operator Chair without arms’) meaning every office is catered for.

Caring for your Budget

Using Online Furniture Hire is also an incredibly easy way to save your budget. Obviously hiring furniture is cheaper than buying it outright. It is also much easier and cost effective to simply return the pieces when they no longer suit your needs, than trying to re-sell them (which you would be forced to do if you bought the pieces instead of hiring them) as unfortunately all furniture depreciates in value as time goes on.

Hiring furniture also means you are able to stay up to date with all fashion trends, technological advances, whilst having the unique opportunity to only use and update your order to suit how much you need at that specific point in time. This accounts for all fluctuation throughout the year, meaning you are not wasting money of chairs you won’t use.

So hopefully now you too realise just how important the office chair is, and just how cost and time effective it is to hire it now from Online Furniture Hire now!


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