Office Chair without Arms



Office Chair without Arms

Linsey S

Office Chair without Arms

Post by: Linsey S09/01/2013

When you are working in an office all day, one of your top priorities should be that you and your staff are comfortable. After all if your staff are not comfortable there is a high chance that this will be effecting their work productivity. A problem with finding a good comfortable chair is that if there is too many to choose from how do you decide what to get? This is where Online Furniture Hire comes in. Online Furniture Hire is a trusted company with over a decade of experience in hiring furniture you know that you are going to get a piece of furniture that you are more than happy to have in your office. What’s best about Online Furniture Hire is that because you are hiring furniture as opposed to buying them you are not only saving money but you can also change your mind about a piece of furniture without being stuck with it as Online Furniture Hire will come and pick up the furniture from wherever your office is and replace it with anything else you want.

Office Chair for Hire

One of Online Furniture Hires most popular chairs is the Jenson Operators chair without arms. This office chair is extremely comfortable and is ideal for use for almost all office environments. It is complete with twin lever mechanism and also features gas seat height adjustment and back angle and height adjustment which means that you can adjust it to how you like which makes it as comfortable as it can be for you.

This ops chair is also on a five star base with castors so you know that it will be extremely sturdy.  This chair comes in black and blue meaning that you can choose which colour you prefer and which colour goes best with your office style.  At only £7.50 per chair per week you are getting an absolute bargain of a price so you know that you will be getting a great chair for a great price.

Best of British

Online Furniture Hire do not only want to be the biggest furniture hiring company in Britain, but they also want to be the best. This is why they constantly make sure that all of their furniture is to the highest standard and go above and beyond when it comes to service. Why not give Online Furniture Hire a call today on 0844 567 5082 and see for yourself all the great furniture they have to offer.


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