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Linsey S

Hire Chairs Today

Post by: Linsey S11/01/2013

Essential to any office or work place is chairs. With most people spending over 5 hours a day sitting in a chair you want to ensure that it is comfortable otherwise there is a high chance that productivity will decrease. Online Furniture Hire know how important a comfortable chair is so they have done their very best to provide you with a wide range of high end chairs in a variety of styles. Whilst many businesses choose to go down the traditional route of buying their furniture, there is a simpler and cheaper way of furnishing your office - furniture hire.  Although many people think that furniture hire is a new thing, it is not and Online Furniture Hire has over a decade of experience. This means that they have a vast amount of experience in furniture hire so you know that they are a trusted company.  They specialise in office furniture hire, so you know that you are in good hands.

Stacking Chair

One of Online Furniture Hire’s most popular chairs is the Kensington Black Stacking Chair. This is a traditional conference chair yet will fit into any type of office environment, whilst still being stylish and comfortable which is extremely important. This chair has a sturdy design with a strong steal oval frame so you will never have to worry about having a wobbly chair which is one of the most annoying things there is. What is great about this chair is that it is also available in blue meaning that you can colour co-ordinate with your office décor.

This is a very basic and traditional chair so if you want something a little more luxurious particularly for your office, then the Luxury Ergonomic Chair is for you. This is a premier ergonomic chair that is set on a five star base. It also has a moulded seat and seat back to ensure that you have maximum comfort.  This chair also has a mesh back to provide even more support for your back. Although this chair is a luxurious item, the price is an absolute bargain!

Online Furniture Hire has a lot of experience in chair hire so you are guaranteed to be extremely happy with your choice. Online Furniture Hire also has other pieces of furniture suitable for the office environment such as tables, bookcases and mobile pedestals so why not give them a call today to see what they have to offer.


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