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Office Chair Hire

Post by: Linsey S16/01/2013

Whatever business that you are in and whether you work in an office or at home, you more than likely spend most of your time sat on a chair. One of the worst things for someone spending such long periods sat on one place wants to make sure that they are completely comfortable, because having to work for long periods of time is bad enough without having to be uncomfortable whilst you work!

Comfort at Work

Online Furniture Hire understands the importance of being comfortable while you work and have therefore provide a range of top quality chairs for you. A bonus of using Online Furniture Hire is that they are here to save you money, as you do not have to buy the furniture you can simply hire them. Therefore if you know you have a week of long working days you can treat yourself with a comfortable chair!

One of Online Furniture Hires most popular chairs is the Operator chair with arms for hire. This chair is extremely stylish and comes in two colours, blue and black so you can choose which colour you would prefer. The chair is also complete with arms and a twin lever mechanism so you can adjust the chair for your own personal preference. It also has a back angle which is perfect for when you want to lay back and relax when you take those five minute breaks!

If you are using this chair in an office environment then this chair is perfect as it is on a five star base with castors. However not only is this chair stylish it is also very comfortable, which is probably the most important reason for even hiring the chair. You can get a great deal for this chair as is it only £10 per chair per week to rent, making it very affordable whilst it still being stylish.

When working long periods of time, if you are uncomfortable you can quickly lose motivation which is why Online Furniture Hire has come to your rescue. The chairs are very stylish and are perfect for either the office environment or the home, and because you are using Online Furniture Hire you know that you are using a trusted company that will provide you will high quality furniture for a fraction of the price that most other brands are. Who ever said comfort has to be expensive has obviously never heard of Online Furniture Hire!


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