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Furniture for the Office

Linsey S

Furniture for the Office

Post by: Linsey S17/01/2013

No client wants to walk into your office only to be greeted by drab and outdated furniture. Equally no employee wants to work in a poorly furnished and uninviting space for hours on end as it will negatively affect their productivity. We are fully aware of the economic issues related with paying out for expensive new furniture particularly in today’s economic climate and that is how we can help. Here at Online Furniture Hire we can supply you with high quality, stylish office furniture at affordable prices! Our extensive range of office furniture hire includes a stylish range of desks and chairs, along with a series of practical storage solutions to ensure your office remains organized at all times.Desk and Chair Hire

Are you sick of working at a wobbly desk on an uncomfortable chair? If so then why not take a look at our wide range of chair hire and desk hire. Our sturdy rectangular office desk is available in a series of sizes to ensure you can hire the perfect desk that can provide you with just the right amount of space. Not only are our desks of the highest quality but they are also extremely practical featuring a wipe clean melamine top and desktop cable access ports, limiting the opportunity for any extra stresses you may encounter while working throughout the day.

Chair hire is another extremely popular choice among customers, allowing you to work in a comfortable setting over the entire day on perhaps one of our stylish Operator Chairs. The great thing about the Operator Chair is that it maximizes comfort by providing you with gas seat height adjustment and back angle and height adjustment settings, so it can perfectly suit your needs! If you’re looking for a more luxurious item then why not try out the Richmond Black Leather Executive Chair which will provide you with the ultimate comfort due to its deep padded soft feel leather, and it also removes the chance of back ache after a long day working at your desk!

Storage Solutions

If your office is becoming overrun by folders and files without a place to put them then why not explore our range of storage solutions. Our double door cupboard not only looks stylish but is constructed from steel and comes complete with a secure locking mechanism making it a safe environment to store important documents, and allowing you to go home with a peace of mind. If you’re looking for yet more office space then why not consider hiring a selection of our sturdy wooden bookcase’s which massively increase storage space within your office allowing you to remove clutter from important working surfaces such as your desk and get on with your day much more productively.

So if you’re looking for a stylish and high quality furniture fix for your office, then why not call us today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help find the right products for you, as we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Furniture hire is a cheap and easy solution, allowing you to renovate your office to the highest of standards ensuring that any visitors are more than impressed with your modern and high quality furniture!


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