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Coat Stands from Online Furniture Hire

Linsey S

Coat Stands from Online Furniture Hire

Post by: Linsey S03/02/2013

It is becoming widely recognised that furniture hire is the most practical and affordable way to furnish any environment, from offices to exhibitions areas, restaurants and wedding venues to name but a few. Are you also aware, however, that you can also acquire a range of furniture accessories designed to improve your setting, in terms of practicality? If not, then you should take a look at the fantastic range of accessories available from Online Furniture Hire as soon as possible!

 Creating the BEST Office

We are an experienced company who understand that it takes more than merely desks and chairs to create the best office, or indeed, any other, environment. For this reason we have developed a superb range of products that will add the finishing touch to your area and help maintain a neat, organised look. One of our most popular items at the moment, for obvious reasons if you look at the almost endless rain outside, is our coat stand! Whatever your setting, you need a practical storage place for guests and visitors to put their coats and umbrellas, especially during the present weather conditions, when these items are guaranteed to be wet! Our sleek, elegant coat stand is perfect, as it looks attractive, so won’t detract from the overall appearance of your area, but it is also extremely functional. Available for only £12 per week, it is an essential accessory, and at Online Furniture Hire we have a selection of styles to offer you, so give us a call and choose the one that you prefer.

Furniture Hire Accessories

We have other great furniture accessories for hire for you, such as our modern cobalt blue freestanding screen, which is a really practical choice for any large office, exhibition area, or even changing rooms. In an office, it will allow you to create separate, structured sections in which each member of staff can work without distraction. Sturdy and reliable, and providing maximum stability, you can rest assured that this top quality product will not let you down.

We have so many fantastic products, ideal for a huge range of environments, that you cannot fail to find something to improve you setting, and for prices that you will be pleasantly surprised by! All of our products are thoroughly checked before they leave our warehouse to ensure that they arrive at your premises in pristine condition. Whatever your needs, we guarantee you a stress free experience and are sure the first order that you place with us definitely will not be your last!


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