White Pedestal for Hire



White Pedestal for Hire

Linsey S

White Pedestal for Hire

Post by: Linsey S13/02/2013

The smart, sleek White Mobile Pedestal which can be hired from Online Furniture Hire for only £39.50 per week is the perfect storage solution for a modern office. Bring a really fresh look to your workplace for the New Year with this affordable item, and you will find that, not only does your office look better, it is also more organised. With 2 drawers, the second of which is large enough to accommodate A4 sized folders, it provides ample room for all your paperwork. The pedestal can be slotted under a desk where it will be within easy reach at all times, and will therefore encourage staff to maintain a tidy, clutter free desk top. Another advantage of our White Mobile Pedestal is that it is lockable, thereby enabling you to protect client confidentiality. Adequate storage within the office is essential in order to create a neat and organised environment in which your staff can work efficiently.

Complementary storage products

Online Furniture Hire can help you equip your office with a functional range of contemporary storage furniture which includes filing cabinets and cupboards of various sizes, so all you have to do is select the perfect pieces to suit your office space. Our 1830mm high Double Door Cupboard provides a generous amount of storage space, so there will no longer be any excuse for an untidy office! Constructed from steel, it is strong and durable, so you can be sure that it will be able to meet the demands of a busy workplace. It comes complete with 3 shelves, and various internal accessories are available, making this an extremely flexible storage option. Team it with our Low Double Door Cupboard for additional storage and the overall effect will be both stylish and functional.

Why furniture hire is the perfect choice for every office

A high performing office relies on high performance chairs, desk and storage, and this can be difficult to achieve without spending huge amounts of money. However, if you opt for furniture hire for all your office needs, you will save both time and money. Enlist the services of Online Furniture Hire and we will offer you affordable rental rates, and expert advice, so you can rest assured that the items you acquire will be the most suitable for your particular requirements. Not only can we provide you with practical storage solutions, but we also specialise in chair hire and desk hire, so if you are looking to improve your working environment without incurring huge costs, you should get in touch right away!


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