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Post by: Linsey S14/06/2013

The most important part of any company will always be the customers. Without their trade, the company isn't worth a thing. Yet many businesses simply don’t cater their work space to their customer’s needs. The reception – the area where most customers are fist shown, and often asked to wait in – is commonly overlooked. This obvious flaw is apparent across the UK, but there’s really no need for this to carry on! From the moment any client enters your work place, they should be instantly impressed. This means creating an executive hire area to match your executive company. However this may seem not only time consuming, but expensive too. This is where Online Furniture UK comes to the rescue! Their practical, stylish and cost effective range holds the perfect solution to all your reception needs.

Corbusier Sofa Hire

For example, their Chrome Framed Leather Sofa is the perfect addition to any work place. Its contemporary black leather finish complete with a chrome surrounding frame provides an effortless sense of style. It will easily suit any décor imaginable, whilst bringing a sense of technological advance and forward thinking to the business. The leather upholstering also enables easy cleaning, whilst the suspended frame allows the sofa to take up as little floor space as possible.

It is also equipped with a medium height back support and deep padded cushioning, to provide maximum comfort and a truly exquisite soft seating experience for any user. It is often hired alongside Online Furniture Hire’s Chrome Framed Leather Chair, creating the perfect set of elegance and class. This piece also has all the benefits of the above sofa, whilst being a single seater, meaning each customer can have a seating experienced tailored specifically to their individual wants and needs.

Furniture Hire System

Both pieces could also save your company vast amounts of money. Using a furniture hire system is obviously much cheaper than buying outright, but the benefits don’t end there. By using Online Furniture Hire, you have the unique opportunity to update your reception area at any point. This means you are always up to date with the latest fashions (due to their extensive range) and technological advances.

Increase or Decrease your Order in Seconds

It also means that general wear and tear are no longer you concern, as you can simply replace pieces when they no longer match your every need. You are also not lumbered with having to sell on these (now second hand) pieces when they no longer fulfil your every wants. Instead of having wasted vast amount of equity in a piece that will unfortunately, but inevitably, depreciate in value, you can simply return it. This means savings in the long run too!

So don’t delay, make sure your customers are enjoying the perfect reception experience and visit Online Furniture Hire today.


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