Stretch Barriers for Hire



Stretch Barriers for Hire

Linsey S

Stretch Barriers for Hire

Post by: Linsey S18/06/2013

Stretch barriers are a great solution for creating spaces within rooms at an affordable price, or alternatively for sectioning off areas that are no-go areas or for outlining the shape of queue’s. It is a great crowd control system which can be useful in areas where many people will perhaps queue for one resource or output such as a cashier desk or a point for information or purchase. The specially designed stretch barriers are comprised of chrome stands with a heavy duty UPVC which maintains strength and structural stability even when extended the full length.

Stretch Barrier Hire

The stretch barriers extend to a length of 2.2 metres so are great for saving on units and space in your office or environment. Hire price is per post, so you will need more than one to create a space. They are great value at only £12.50 a week. The polished chrome finish adds a professional and elegant nature to any occasion. Our other Stretch Barrier is black and is also structurally strong whilst being lightweight at the same time.

This is available at the same cost yet may be more in keeping with the atmosphere you are trying to create or more suiting of the function. An advantage of stretch barriers means that your guests or clients are led to a space subtly. It gives order to queuing, meaning it is more manageable for you and your staff. This is great and a perfect fit if you have any events that require security or managing crowds.

Event Furniture Hire

Here at Online Furniture Hire we are experts in party furniture for hire as we have a great deal of experience and aim to keep our customer satisfaction rating continually high and try to better ourselves constantly. Hiring furniture is a great solution if you are intending to use products for a temporary purpose or a more short term need.

These stretch barriers are often sought after in this way as many events only last a few days or weeks. This is not to say, however, that you cannot hire these for an extended period of time. Especially if you are a venue for live events or repeated use, these are often hired for long periods of time.

Our website also has many other party and banqueting furniture that may also fit your needs. If you are interested in building an invoice you can use our online function or call us immediately on 0844 567 5082.


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