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Hire Leather Executive Chair

Linsey S

Hire Leather Executive Chair

Post by: Linsey S24/07/2013

This product is ideal for office or conference and meeting furniture, or simply if you are just looking to go for a more high quality, modern feel to your working environment. Priced at just £18 a week to hire, it’s amazing value for money and has a variety of customisable options to maximise comfort and ensure it is personalised for the user. Comfort in the work place is a must and without paying attention to these factors, you can end up suffering with bad posture and neck or back strain. To avoid this, this piece of furniture comes complete with a seat tilt, gas lift and a lockable reclining seat mechanism. To finish it all off perfectly, the chair is padded with a soft feel leather and high end stitching. You can guarantee your office will have a modern and stylish look, creating a happy and productive environment for you and your colleagues to work in.

Why is comfort so important?

After many long hours in the office, you and your colleagues can begin to feel deflated and exhausted and it can take its toll on the quality of work produced in your office. For this reason and many others, this is why comfort is such a huge factor in an office and why choosing office furniture to hire is an important process. Our variety of styles in our chair hire range all cater to the highest levels of comfort, allowing you and your colleagues to feel at ease and relaxed when working, which in turn produces excellent work ethic, happy staff and most of all, a productive and efficient working environment.

Other recommended chair hire products

Another fantastic piece in our chair hire selection is the luxury ergonomic chair. This is also part of our executive furniture range, and is perfect in a fast paced working environment. Its high durability comes from its strong, robust build while also offering comfort and customisable factors. For example, the chair has a seat and seat back which moulds into the user, therefore, is fit completely around the user. This also aids support as it has a flexible mesh back, perfect for long working days. Furthermore, it offers a padded head rest, helping to avoid neck strain or back ache. On top of all this, the chair has a great stylish and contemporary look and will set a great first impression when your clients pay a visit.

At Online Furniture Hire, we offer a variety of furniture, from table hire, party furniture, outdoor furniture and even banquet furniture, so we are guaranteed to have whatever you are looking for. All of our chair hire and other listed furniture ranges are available to look at on our website complete with images, specifications, descriptions and prices so you can make that all important decision, and hopefully we can help to make it a little easier for you! If you do wish to speak to a member of our team, our sales assistants are available to contact via our phone line, and they can help with orders, questions and any queries.


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