Why Are Office Chairs So Important



Why Are Office Chairs So Important

Linsey S

Why Are Office Chairs So Important

Post by: Linsey S16/09/2013

Choosing the correct office chair for your office is very important, especially with a large work force that you want to be working their best all the time. It is broadly known that comfort is the key to success in terms of getting a team to work effectively. It can be very distracting to have problems such as backache, eyestrain or just generally being in an uncomfortable chair! It is therefore essential to have the perfect office chair. Online Furniture Hire offers a broad range of chairs to hire, suitable for different areas, each of which offers a great deal of comfort and support to the user.

Eyestrain is a huge problem in terms of using computer screens all day every day. To avoid this problem and prevent any long-term damage, along with the lighting being correct and the screen being the correct distance away, the chair needs to be the correct height. This is one of the reasons our office chairs offer adjustable height!

Our Luxury Ergonomic Chair

This is one of our most prestigious, classy chairs that offers maximum luxury whilst appearing highly sophisticated and modern. It is set on a five star base for movement and has adjustable height and a tilt mechanism. To provide the most comfort possible it has a mesh back which offers flexible support, and a moulded seat and seat back, along with a padded headrest. The padded headrest can also be angled for increased comfort. Not only this, but the arms are also height adjustable. All this is for a mere £28.00 per week; making the Luxury Ergonomic Chair a highly popular option with customers.

Our Operators Chair

Our range of operator chairs includes the Brandon Office Chair, in black, and the Jackson Operator Chair, in blue. Both of these come at a price of £7.50 a week but this can be variable depending on if you wish to order a lot. The features of this chair are somewhat similar to the Luxury Ergonomic Chair, however it is made from a cushioning material and can come with or without arms, depending on what you require.

To find out more about our range of projects, have a look at the Online Furniture Hire website. Office chairs are just a small part of the vast amount of products we have to offer. If you want an instant quote then fill in your details on our website, or give us a call on 0844 567 5082.


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