Black Polyprop Chairs for January Exams



Black Polyprop Chairs for January Exams

Linsey S

Black Polyprop Chairs for January Exams

Post by: Linsey S20/01/2014

As we come to enjoy the festive period, the last thing on many of our minds it the slog back to work in January. However, for those organising and planning for January exam Modules across the UK's schools, colleges and universities, this is exactly what is happening. Making sure each student is correctly timetabled to take exams, able to fit in the room and provided with the support they require can take months on end to prepare for. Luckily, planning what they will sit on/at isn't such a difficult task. Online Furniture Hire makes this side of the planning a breeze. 

What to Hire

Take their Colby Black Polyprop Chair. This ingenious piece is not only exceptional value for money, but also incredibly practical and stylish. It's uniform black colouring means it will effortlessly blend into any exam hall, creating no distractions for the students and maintaining a smart and professional finish. It is constructed from a steel frame and polypropylene seat, both of which are easy to clean and incredibly sturdy. It also includes extra crossbars at the front of the frame for added support and strength , whilst also acting a footrest to provide comfort during this (potentially) stressful exam period. The seat is also contoured to further ensure each student is comfortable throughout its use. It is easily lifted and can be stacked up to ten high, making storage also an incredibly easy task!

Why Hire

As if the list of benefits above weren't reason enough to hire these ingenious pieces, using Online Furniture Hire's furniture hire system also means that you could save both money and time in the long and short run. Obviously savings are made straight away as hiring is much cheaper than buying the products outright. It also means that you only have these pieces for as long as you need them – this in turn ensures no wastage or underestimations (both of which can be incredibly costly to rectify).

It also means that you are not lumbered with trying to store the pieces when they no longer match your needs, or (even worse), stuck with the task of trying to sell on the (now second hand) pieces which will have unfortunately, but inevitably, depreciated in value. Instead you can simply return, replace or renew, meaning you could save money in the long run too! So why not make planning such a large event that little bit easier and visit Online Furniture Hire today?


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