Hire a Versatile Chair



Hire a Versatile Chair

Linsey S

Hire a Versatile Chair

Post by: Linsey S27/01/2014

If you're looking for the perfect versatile chair to use throughout your company this new year then why not consider chair hire from Online Furniture Hire. Whether you are looking for chair’s to install in reception areas, offices, executive office or staff rooms it really doesn’t matter as Online Furniture Hire offer an extensive range of high quality chair’s to hire. Chair’s are an extremely important part of any successful business as a comfortable chair puts visitors and clients in a positive frame of mind throughout important meetings and conferences.

Hire a Stacking Chair

At just £2.99 per week our Stirling Blue Stacking Chair would make an ideal choice for any company! This traditional style conference chair is perfect for a multitude of corporate environments including training rooms, conferences and lecture halls! This chair also ensures it achieves the perfect balance between comfort and style!

It is extremely comfortable as it includes a thick padded seat and seat back for increased comfort whilst its stylish design ensures it easily fits into any environment whatever the colour scheme however it is available in both black and blue.

Another positive of this versatile chair is it’s sturdy design as it includes a strong steel oval frame coated with chrome, so you do not have to worry about excessive wear and tear. A huge positive to this chair is it’s ability to be stacked five high when it’s not in use, so it can be stored using minimal space. Additionally its simplistic design means it can be easily maneuvered if a room change is needed quickly!

Advantages of furniture hire

Online Furniture Hire prides itself on its excellent selection of chair hire available as exemplified by our Stirling Blue Stacking Chair! Chair hire is extremely cost effective as perhaps you need additional chairs for a one off conference or meeting and therefore there is really no point in buying additional furniture that will be in storage for large parts of the year. Furniture hire is also easy to do, as you can order quickly online or by phone.

We also pride ourselves on effective service and fast delivery so there really is no reason as to why you shouldn’t give Online Furniture Hire a call today! Whether you wish to hire in the long or short term it really doesn’t matter, as we offer extremely flexible hire rates to suit you. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to ask and our staff will respond to the best of their ability.


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