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Rent a Stylish Chair

Linsey S

Rent a Stylish Chair

Post by: Linsey S29/01/2014

Equipping your company with high quality, comfortable chair’s is incredibly important to maintaining a productive working environment for both yourself and your staff. Having comfortabe chair’s in meeting rooms and reception areas is also essential as you want guests and visitors to be impressed and content while inside your companies building. Versatility is also important as it save you money by allowing you to use chair’s in a multitude of different environments within your company.

Hire the Caper Herman Miller Chair

Our Caper Herman Miller Chair is a perfect example of an attractive chair which can be used in a multitude of environments. Firstly this stylish chair was designed and made by the iconic designer Herman Miller and so oozes sophistication in whatever room it is placed. The chair is smartly constructed and incorporates a stylish tubular steel frame which will fit perfectly into the theme of any area of your companies building.

Comfort is not compromised in favour of style with this product as it features a moulded plastic seat base and back that will fit perfectly to the user allowing them to relax back even in lengthy meetings. This chair is also practical as it can be easily maneuvered as castors make the chair fully mobile.

Utilising Space

We regonise that companies may have limited space for storage of furniture in between meetings and this highlights another advantage of the Caper Herman Miller chair as it can be stacked when not in use. This stackable nature also means these chair’s can be easily carried or moved in event of room change. 

Chair Rental

Our chair hire is one of the most popular options within furniture hire and we recognize the importance of providing excellent service for those who choose to hire chair’s from Online Furniture Hire. We offer very flexible hire rates and also can adapt delivery to suit you.

Our Caper Herman Miller chair is available at just 8.50 per week and therefore exemplifies how cost effective furniture hire can be. So if you require extra furniture for an upcoming meeting then it is much more cost efficient to hire the right amount of chair’s for the allotted period of time rather than buy extortionately priced furniture outright.

Online Orders

Hiring furniture is also very simple and you can place orders either online or by phone quickly and effectively. If you have any questions regarding our products or hiring furniture in general do not hesitate to give us a call today and staff will answer questions enthusiastically, offering any advice they may have.


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