1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table



1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table

Linsey S

1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table

Post by: Linsey S10/03/2014

When planning large scale events, if often seems like there is a never ending list of factors to organise. From picking the date, to the venue, to the guest list and where everybody’s going to sit; organising can become somewhat of a nightmare! Thankfully, Online Furniture Hire is here to help, as we make hiring furniture an effortless task. Our wide range of banquet furniture means that any large event is catered for. 

What to Hire

What tables would you recommend for a dinner party?

There are many options available! For example, take their 1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table. This ingenious piece is an essential addition to any event. It comfortably seats 3 Banquet Chairs either side, and 1 either end - that’s 8guests sorted. On top of this, it has a melamine top which is easy to clean and maintain. This sleek finish and top makes sure that the Banquet Tables are guaranteed to match any décor imaginable. The legs are also foldable, making the tables easily stored and able to stack. This again solves another problem of where to put the tables when they are not in use (or in the way of the dance floor!). The table is also set on a powder coated metal frame, which is incredibly study, making it perfect for all usage. Hence the 1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table is perfect for all events!

Why would I hire furniture as opposed to buying it?

The best news is that the benefits don’t end there as using Online Furniture Hire’s furniture hire system also means that you can save both time and money! Obviously hiring is much cheaper than buying the products outright, meaning savings form the very start.

Hiring also means that you only hire what you need for as long as you need it. This in turn ensures no wastage and overestimations (which are essentially a waste of money) nor any underestimations (which are incredibly expensive to rectify).

Again this means savings all round! Hiring also means that when the pieces are no longer matching your every need you can simply return them at a time to suit you. Again this means no extra cost of trying to sell on the now second hand pieces which unfortunately, but inevitably, will have depreciated in value. Hence, there are savings from start to finish, and a huge amount of time constraints and stress can be avoided.

What complementary products would you recommend with this table?

When hiring the 1830mm Rectangular Banquet Table, why not take a look at Online Furniture Hire’s Banquet Chairs to ensure you next large event is perfect? It could save time and money, whilst also ensuring that all important wow factor!


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