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Screens For The Office

Linsey S

Screens For The Office

Post by: Linsey S12/03/2014

With the recent cut backs and hard economic times, many companies have downsized their office space. This inevitably means more staff in a smaller environment, but this doesn’t mean that privacy or personal space need to be reduced.

How can our office make better use of the limited space?

The answer is quite simple – by implementing ingenious pieces such as the Straight Desktop screen, desks can now go back to back, taking up less floor space whilst also be clearly separated. In turn, this means workers still have their own work area whilst taking up less unnecessary room.

Desktop Screens

What are the other benefits of using a Desktop Screen?

Online Furniture Hire’s Straight Desktop Screen comes complete with two brackets to mount the screen onto 25mm thick desktops. They come in various sizes, making them the perfect addition to any workspace, whilst remaining in a neutral blue colour scheme, meaning they’ll suit any décor imaginable.

Other Screens

Fantastic! Are there any other screens available?

Alongside the desktop screen, Online Furniture Hire also provides a freestanding Blue (or black) Screen 1200w x 1800h. These screens are supplied with stabilising feet as standard making them the perfect solution to partition, divide or display information. Linking strips can also be utilised to create bespoke areas, as the configurations are endless. Hence they are perfect for creating private areas (e.g. temporary offices, audition rooms, changing rooms or even a private surgery).

Hiring Process

Will hiring such pieces be cost effective?

Yes! Hiring is proven to give your company the chance to save money in both the long and short run. How, you ask? Simple: Hiring is much cheaper than buying the products outright. However, the savings don’t end there. Hiring also means that you only hire what you need for as long as you need it. In other words, there is no underestimations or overestimations, both of which can be incredibly costly to rectify.

So I can hire for as long as it suits me?

Yes! Online Furniture Hire is a flexible service which allows you to use the pieces for as long as you want, whenever you want. It really couldn’t be easier!

What about returning the pieces?

The beauty of hiring also means that when the pieces no longer match your every need, you can simply return, renew or replace them. This in turn means you are no longer faced with the time consuming and expensive process of trying to sell on (now second hand) furniture, which unfortunately, but inevitably, will have depreciated in value. Again this means savings all round!


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