Executive Furniture Hire to Impress



Executive Furniture Hire to Impress

Linsey S

Executive Furniture Hire to Impress

Post by: Linsey S14/03/2014

At Online Furniture Hire, we have a specially suited range especially for this style of furnishing, which works especially well in offices. The executive range that we offer uses the best quality materials and highly refined design details to give a highly professional and exclusive feel to a space.

Perfect Meeting Room

I need to furnish a meeting room to fit this impression, can you help?

 Of course! We recognise that first impressions are highly crucial in influencing how people see you, your company and your authority. Never more so than in a meeting room where big decisions are being made. The use of executive furniture from us can help.

Executive furniture bolsters your authority and professionalism, helping you gain clout in your reasoning whilst influencing peoples impression of your authority. We aim to help you create an atmosphere that will encourage the type of impression that you want to put forward. For an executive environment that is professional we know that our rich walnut pieces are fantastic at creating this type of impression. How do we know? Because we’ve worked with a large amount of companies in the past and have a vast amount of experience.

So what products are featured in this range?

We have a range of tables, chairs and stylish cupboards in our high-quality depots. Specifically for a meeting room, the Boardroom Table Executive is a fantastic product that would be perfect for a professional meeting room. The rich walnut material of the table gives a strong and distinguished impression, which is crucial in creating the correct environment.

The table is highly robust as the table top is thick, giving a durable and weighted presence within the room. This is the main focal point of the room, so it needs to command the room with the authority of the events and meetings that take place in the space. The butterfly leg design means that the space underneath the table is well ventilated and provides leg space when in important meetings.

Other products include the Low Executive Cupboard, which is perfect for storing documents and important items. The walnut finish means it accompanies the boardroom table perfectly and the key means that all your items are safe and secure - a good impression to make to clients you may be meeting in the boardroom!

What type of price range would I be looking at?

The Executive Cupboard is available for £45 a week, and the Boardroom Table Executive is £110 a week per table. This may seem slightly more expensive than the cheaper tables on the website, but the executive quality and emphasis on professionalism and good design is well worth the price.


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