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Versatile Seating

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Versatile Seating

Post by: Linsey S18/03/2014

I’m looking for a chair I can use in a multitude of environments. Can you help?

Yes, Online Furniture Hire offers a comprehensive range of versatile chair options. Chair hire is an extremely important part of any company as you need guests, staff and potential clients to be seated comfortably at all times. Equally you need chairs inside your companies building to be stylish and sophisticated, creating a positive first impression for visitors to your building. Our chair hire section is one of our most popular categories and we offer a range of chairs that can be used inside offices, conferences, training sessions and parties.

The Practical Stacking Chair

Great, any particular chair you recommend?

Yes, our Kensington Black Stacking Chair is extremely versatile for a multitude of uses inside company buildings. This traditional style conference chair is perfect for all types of multi seating arrangements, whether lectures, meetings, offices or conferences. It is not surprising that this stacking chair is one of our most popular products and we have thousands available for hire. Additionally this stacking chair is also available in blue so you can pick the right colour to suit the environment in which it is placed.


Sounds excellent, what are the advantages of this chair?

Our stacking chair features multiple advantages. Firstly, this chair is very robust, as it includes an extremely sturdy design constructed from a strong steel oval frame. This frame is also coated in chrome, making it a modern addition to any environment.

Comfort is very important when choosing a good chair, as users need to be seated comfortably at all times so they can work efficiently throughout long days. This is enhanced by a thick padded seat and back for extra comfort. Practicality is also essential in hectic corporate environments and this chair can be stacked five high when not in use. Alternatively this chair is easily maneuverable which would be useful in the event of a unexpected room change, or a need for extra chair’s to be added unexpectedly to a conference space.

Advantages of Furniture Hire

Why is Furniture Hire useful?

Furniture hire has many advantages. Firstly, hiring furniture is extremely economically competitive and allows you to hire extra furniture when you need it. This prevents you from spending extortionate amounts of money on furniture that may only be used when you are hosting an annual conference or rare training session.

Whether you wish to hire in the long or short term it really doesn’t matter as we are extremely flexible. Ordering from us is also very easy, as you can do it either online or by phone. So if you are looking for a versatile chair that can be used around your company give Online Furniture Hire a call today, for top of the range, attractive furniture!


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