Reduce Exam Stress



Reduce Exam Stress

Linsey S

Reduce Exam Stress

Post by: Linsey S22/03/2014

Exams are inevitably a stressful time for everybody involved. It is often assumed that it is only the students who feel under pressure during exam periods however this is not the case.

For example, it is the staff who have an extremely difficult job as they have to organize and effectively create examination environments that will allow exam times to run as smoothly as possible. Online Furniture Hire can there therefore help reduce this stress by providing high quality exam furniture that will allow students to take exams in an organized environment with a positive atmosphere.

Modern Exam Furniture

Our current exam furniture is outdated, can you help?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of modern examination furniture. For example, why not consider hiring our folding exam desk. This smart product is constructed from a 15mm wooden work surface and tubular steel frame that is both modern and practical. There is nothing worse than being seated at a wobbly desk which is covered in the distracting graffiti of past students as exams are a time when students need maximum concentration.

Our robust exam desk would eliminate these problems, therefore providing a working space where students can perform to the best of their ability. This desk is highly secure and comes complete with a secure locking mechanism. Equally we are aware that exam periods inevitably involve room changes and the maneuvering of furniture, so this desk is adapted for easy transportation and storage as it can be easily folded away.

An additional advantage to this item is that this desk features rubber feet and therefore helps protect your institutions work surface during the hustle and bustle of exam times! Desk hire is also extremely economically competitive and this item is available at just £7.50 per week!

Sensible Seating

Wonderful, do you suggest any complementary items?

Yes, why not also hire our Clayton blue polyprop chair to ensure students have somewhere comfortable to sit, therefore helping create a relaxing exam environment. This steel chair features a polypropylene moulded seat that is contoured to ensure this chair provides maximum comfort to the user.

No student wants to be hampered by a unstable chair when they are taking stressful exams so this smart chair includes extra crossbars at the front of the frame for strength and stability. Equally this bar can be used as a footrest for a student which extends the comfort provided by this chair. As exam periods are usually quite hectic this chair can be stacked ten high when not in use, perfect for storing exam furniture for short periods of time in between exams.


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