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Stylish Bar Seating

Linsey S

Stylish Bar Seating

Post by: Linsey S26/03/2014

Organizing a classy evening event can be both difficult and stressful and we can help alleviate some of this stress by providing stylish, comfortable bar stools that will help create a relaxing atmosphere.

I’m hosting a sophisticated bar event and need stylish seating, any idea?

Yes, here at Online Furniture Hire we offer a range of sophisticated bar stools that are guaranteed to impress your guests. It is essential that corporate events go as well as they possibly can in today’s competitive corporate environment and furniture hire can help you achieve this! 

Albany Medium Back Black Stool

Okay sounds great, what products would you recommend?

Why not consider hiring our extremely sophisticated Albany Medium Back Black Stool. This stylish barstool, constructed from a chrome frame, is guaranteed to add a touch to a class to whatever environment it is placed. Comfort is also paramount when choosing furniture and this stool features a luxurious black padded leather seat to keep guests happy at all times.

This product is particularly concerned with maximizing comfort and features a chrome back rest and foot rest to help soothe the aches and pains experienced from a hectic day at work. Equally stylish bar events tend to be very sociable spaces and therefore it is important that your furniture allows guests to chat with ease. This bar stool seat can be fully rotated so guests can relax and chat easily thus helping your evening go as smoothly as it possibly can. This chair is also extremely cost effective and is available for you to hire today at just £12 per week.

Save money with event furniture hire!

Sounds perfect, what are the advantages of hiring event furniture for Online Furniture Hire?

Online furniture hire prides itself on offering a high quality, efficient service to its customers which is particularly exemplified by our excellent range of event furniture. Our event furniture will instantly catch any guests eye as high quality is guaranteed.

Additionally events often occur on an irregular basis so there really is no point in buying expensive furniture outright that may spend large periods of the year in storage gathering dust. Furniture hire allows you to hire furniture when and where you need it cheaply and effectively on either a short term or long term basis.

Ordering is also easy as you can do it simply online or by phone today! If you have any questions regarding our prices or rates then do not hesitate to give us a call and our staff will be more than happy to offer advice or answer queries!


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