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Our Conference Furniture Hire

Linsey S

Our Conference Furniture Hire

Post by: Linsey S15/04/2014

Hiring is the perfect way for your company to save both time and money this year (both of which are extremely important factors within these tough economic times). Using Online Furniture Hire’s furniture hire system will effortlessly transform your company into a completely cost and time effective unit, whilst still providing pieces which will answer all your style wants and practical needs.

How does Online Furniture Hire manage this?

These benefits are all achieved through simple hiring facts:

1. Hiring is much cheaper than buying the products outright. This means savings from the very start of the hiring process.

2. Hiring also means you only order what you need for as long as you need it for. This in turn means no overestimations (which waste both money and space) as well as no underestimations (which can be incredibly costly to rectify). Hiring is as fluid as your furniture needs.

3. Hiring also means that you are no longer lumbered with the time consuming and expensive task of trying to sell on (the now second hand) pieces when they no longer match your every need. Instead, hiring allows you to renew, replace or return any item at a time convenient for you. Hence savings are made both in the long and short run.

4. Finally, using Online Furniture Hire means that you are able to hire the most up to date stylish pieces which not only ooze class, but also provide all the answers to your practical needs.

What To Hire

This sounds amazing! Could you recommend any pieces suitable for conference spaces?

Online Furniture Hire caters for a wide range of occasions, from office spaces to large events, including a huge array of conference furniture. Take their Horseshoe Meeting Table. This beautiful piece is constructed from various tables meaning you can create the perfect size and shape for your conference area.

The tables are equipped with folding legs to make the construction of the table incredibly quick and easy, as well as providing an easy storing option if you decide to use the conference space for something else. There are simply hundreds of different configurations to be make using this piece, making them a versatile addition to any work place. They are made from high polished chrome for the legs, and a wooden look finish for the tops, making them suitable for any décor imaginable, whilst also being incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


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