Hamilton Black Lecture Chair
Hamilton Black Lecture Chair

Hamilton Black Lecture Chair



£9.37 /week

Dimensions:  W650 x D820 x H800mm

Black plastic tablet provides a work surface

A very comfortable chair with deep cushioning

Is very stylish looking due to the chrome frame

Stack chairs for easy storage and quick install

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Seats for the rich and powerful?

In today’s market, we’re often spoiled for choice for many different items, from the desks, tables and seating we need. Although most offices, organisation and homeowners have lots of different chairs of a variety of types, this has not always been the case. Today when we relax in a coffee shop we might choose a sofa, while we’re at our desks we might opt for an operators chair, and during training sessions, a black lecture chair is a perfect choice.

Budget and beyond...

Back before the 14th Century chairs were usually owned by only rich and powerful people. Although mostly made of timber until the 17th Century, they quickly became more ornamental, and instead of being just used by aristocrats, royalty and military leaders, everyday people who had the budget required could get a chair. This shows that they were quite a luxury for many, but this has changed in recent times, especially when designers purposefully create products that are cheaper to produce and very useful too.

Mass production and discounted prices

Like with many of the chair providers in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries, we think hire furniture should be affordable to all, which is why we keep our prices permanently low and offer price breaks on top of this. Seating started to become more and more economical when chairs could be massed produced, and in 1964 a designer called David Rowland succeeded in bringing a cost effective and very practical chair to the market.

Early lecture chairs

Named the 40/4, his product consisted of an upholstered seat and seat back, attached to a steel rod frame - an addition of a wooden writing tablet, transformed the model from a handy seat, into an item that looks like an earlier version of our lecture chairs. Demand for the 40/4 quickly grew, as companies, organisations and educational institutions began to see the merits of the design. The most obvious benefit this type of seating offered at the time, was comfort - thanks to the upholstery on the seat and seat back - but why else was it so popular and why did it become an award winning product?

Part of the reason is because the 40/4 could be stacked thanks to the strength of the steel rod frame. This proved very useful to companies needing to move large quantities of the chairs around venues, but it also saved on space too, as when they weren’t in use they could be easily stacked out of the way.

A mix of the traditional and modern

Back to the 21st century, we’re proud to reveal that our lecture chairhire range retains some of these benefits and have more added too. With high grade deep cushioning on both the seat and seat back, this is a very comfy model, made even more so by the lumbar support. Rather than steel rod, our seating has a tubular steel frame which is incredibly light and also easy to stack, so you get all the storage benefits you require.

We can also supply linking loops, which attach to the chair's legs and can keep seating it neat rows. Don't forget that when you're arranging conferences or meetings we also supply useful furniture rental accessories, such as freestanding screens too!

Plastic fantastic

When used with a chair trolley you’re able to move large groups of this item throughout your venues, making set up smooth and quick. Rubber feet on the chair legs mean that flooring is protected from marks, allowing you to use this product free from worry.Our lecture chair also features a very lightweight - rather than wooden - writing tablet, that is simple to attach to seats and moved smoothly in front, and to the side, of the product depending on your needs. Being plastic, it’s easy to clean and provides a stable surface on which to write, read or take notes.

What’s the benefit to hiring lecture chairs over tables and seats?

There are several benefits to do this. First you save money! This is because you’re hiring one, rather than two products. Also you preserve space as less room is taken up, meaning you can open your venue to more people.

Students may be sitting down for a long time - is this a comfortable model?

Very - these seats are premium products featuring cushioning and lumbar support, all for an affordable rate.

I’m holding assessments and training in different rooms - are these easy to move?

Yes. Although they are sturdy, the tubular steel frame means they’re light to lift. Simply load on to wheel trolleys and move them around your venue without any effort.

I need thousands of chairs delivered outside of London - is this a problem?

Not at all. We supply lots of furniture hire items to the city but far beyond as well. Contact us to find out about our next- and same day delivery service across the UK.

How easy are the lecture chairs to assemble?

Really easy, the writing tablet simply clicks on to the side of the seat and it’s ready to go. We can help with set up and de-rig of your seating, from initial unloading, straight through to collection.
Seat Depth420mm
Seat Height400mm