Chrome Poseur Table Flip-Top
Chrome Poseur Table Flip-Top

Chrome Poseur Table Flip-Top



£13.88 /week

Tall table perfectly matches ours stool range

Weather resistant finish for use outdoors

Stylish and elegant for sophisticated events

Easy to maintain/clean surface for bistro use

Frequently hired with...

Stacking Aluminium Bar Stool


Modern day design…

When you sit around our thoroughly contemporary chrome poseur tables at a fashionable event, you’re actually sitting near a product that has been around in varying forms for many thousands of years!

Functional from day one!

Our model has everything you’d want in a modern-day variety - light, weather resistant and affordable - so it might be a little hard to imagine how they appeared all those years ago when they first came about. Rather than being called a poseur table, this type of furniture was more than likely called a pedestal table, and their use has changed much since early times. It’s believed that Egyptians used to use rock pedestals as a base for balancing plates of food.

More than a stone’s throw

The thinking was that if food was served on a higher platform, it’d be further away from bugs and animals that might contaminate it. Instead of a table with several legs, pedestal varieties stayed close to their name, having one central leg. This basic style is found in today’s modern poseur tables, but lots of other features have changed. Stone gave way to wood then other materials started to become popular too.

The 20th Century saw the introduction of many different materials, with both tables and seating being made from different materials, including aluminium, just like our chrome poseur tables!

Where can’t a chrome poseur table go?

There are so many reasons why this material is a fantastic choice for our poseur ranges. A really important point is that it can cope with the British weather. This allows you to use it for outdoor occasions and in the external part of your premises. A great versatile product, it looks good in outside cafe areas, pub gardens and roof-top diners. When you’ve chosen this for your outdoor events - from sophisticated receptions to weddings - you won’t have to worry about them if it rains… they simply require a wipe with a dry cloth and they’re ready for use again.

Get outdoor space

Being able to set up outdoor furniture is not only handy, but could increase business. Having more seating available means that you’re free to invite more guests to your functions or occasions, and helps to make the most use of the space you have free. Many people popping out for coffee, lunch or dinner in the summer months are keen to secure outdoor seating, so being able to offer this might also result in happier customers!

Lovely and light

Another top feature of the metal used in our chrome poseur tables is that it’s very light and robust. This means that you can easily move them in your venue according to the needs of your event. Arrange in chic clusters for networking, or place them around outdoor areas in sunny spots. The pedestal leg makes this an exceptionally steady product, while the contemporary chrome appearance is stylish and perfect for modern locations.

Seating to match!

We not only have fantastic poseur tables for hire, but a range of stools that complement this product very well. Our high aluminium stool is a great choice for those outdoor events and premises, while our Ruby leather and chrome stool is very decadent and adds class to all your locations.


Do you recommend chrome poseur tables for my networking event?

Yes. They make a great networking table, as they are stylish, chic and provide a great surface for meeting over.

What seating do you suggest for these tables?

We offer a range of stools and you can choose the best type for your event. Outdoor occasions may suit our aluminium stools for example, whereas bars might prefer our very comfy and decadent black and chrome stools.